The New History of Quinton Sharpe

The lucky thing with rewriting your history to fit in with the new additions is that I have a fairly clean break point. My life in England doesn't do too much to effect my life in the United States.

What I can say is different now is that instead of whittling the days away in a bar, I met with Erika in 2010 when recording on the set of some dumb chess show. She found me because the silly little thing thought that I was a mage and not just a stage magician. She was cute enough to reach out to me and ask for my help and damned if I didn't do it.

So we moved to Seattle and I got to work instead of hiding about in bars feeling sorry for myself. I mixed in working some low key performances in the US to keep ourselves afloat with trying to provide a decent enough life for her and give her the resources she needed. Luckily she didn't get bothered too much by the supernatural kinds, but the two of us found little niches and entry points. There were times when I was ushering her and times where she was clearly shielding me from the communities we had come across. We had a good rhythm going.

I guess with my work in the field, Ray was sweet enough to keep getting me booked. It was last year that he and that bald fuck from the chess show teamed up with a proposal. I could get a new TV show, but I needed to bring something to the table. Something which I'd never tried before. It couldn't just be "taking a few people and tormenting them. That was too perverse and made me the tool of the show" or whatever the fuck the original quote was. Bald bastard told Ray who told me who is telling you.

American sensibilities require me to be the star. For me to be the trick. For me to be the magic.

Fucked if I knew what that meant at first.

Until Bald>Ray>Me learned. The other people in my "trick" had to be the props and I had to be the grand standing star in the middle of it all.


I came up with a plan. I'd show that "any fucker off the street could be a university professor."

It played to my British ideals of "fuck the piece of paper, if you can, you will" and played to the American ideals of "anyone can!"

So I scouted for a remote ass place where I could blend in where my fame wouldn't preceed me and I could stage the experiment. I needed to keep the act up for a year to really sell the part before revealing my trick.

So I found Thorn Valley. Brought Erika with me. She wanted to see if she could play too and be a university student, I said she looked too young. She still decided to sneak into classes, abuse the library and do her thing, and to her credit she does an alright job. Hardly anyone questions why she's there.

No one questions why I'm here. Hell, I made the class as muddy as possible to confuse administrators. "The art of neuroscienctific analysis 101"

Somehow I've gotten so good at this that I have students. I don't even think they know why they're there. The original class that I occupied did have a proffessor who I am filling in for, so successfully that I'm fairly sure they're not even in Thorn Valley anymore.

Basically I am the greatest. And Erika is pretty damn great too.

And I did not use her at all in this experiment. At all.

---I can't guarantee she didn't help me through an eagerness to see me succeed. But I doubt she'd do that. She's a good kid.

Seriously, though. I'm amazing.