A temporal prison

In many ways I cannot believe I am able to write this. I am a person who has created wonders the likes of which many would call "magic" and yet the prediciment I find myself in loans me no hope of understanding.

Today I was executed.

My own elicit experimentations had lead me to the gallows and along with another inventive mind I was to be dropped in plain sight of an engaged audience until my neck broke or my lungs were starved of air and my brain starved of life.

I should be dead.

And yet, though the level was thrown the floor did not sink beneath me. My neck remained straight and attached. The world was the one who perished, not I. In fact, the world froze in a moment and the spectators were replaced with spectres, ghostly visages which faded away the longer I and my fellow remained in this state.

Our liberator was a being with an ever shifting face. No features, gendered or racial were distinct for they would alter at our every notice. I would later come to refer to the being as The Traveller, and this traveller begged we follow. Being in no position to refuse or question the request we navigated through the streets of London until we reached a modest estate. My new home. My eternal prison.

Our custody was turned over to one Dr. Harry Ludicial, and I hope my spellings do not draw offense, they are the best I am capable having not encountered these family names either in the wild or in the bound pages of the many books I have purused in my time.

Ludicial is the owner of this property and not only a fellow scientist but a fellow captive. It appears those who commit acts of an unspeakable nature in the world, but who could yet provide understandings that the world must not be deprived, they are simply removed from society and forced to continue working on their theories in a timeless prison where none could be hurt but one another.

My fellow, an American lady named Tess, and I were given the rounds. By my count, including ourselves, there are 8 captives in the home. Myself, an alchemist who studies the transferance of skills and attributes of one to grant them to another, Tess of whom I imagine has skills with probability, Ludicial who I am told is an alchemist, my room mate Holly who has found a way to become invisible, Tess' roommate Janni who studies bioluminesance, Ter a scarred gentleman who I believe has healing abilities, his roommate who was not forthcoming with social frivolities and a curious woman named Mathy who has mastered the concept of gravity, space and travel to the point I am unable to distinguish it from fantasy.

I am to stay with Holly, I would suppose he is an albino and his invisibility was perhaps a happy accident in curing that condition. Holly makes a fair roommate, I am neither pleased nor livid with the arrangement. He could stand to tidy up more often and I have been warned that his genitals will be something I must learn to accept as a reality given how unreliable his invisibility can be.

The people of the house appear to treat alcohol as a base currency. I've never been too fond of alcohol even since relocating for the sake of my experiments. When I was in London I had a taste for wine and not much else. Here it is an expectation. Adapting may be required, so I am to slowly test my tolerence.

Holly took Tess and I on an exploration trip. London is frozen in a timeless moment and not even ghosts of the citizens haunt the streets, it is barren and empty of all but furniture and the items left behind. Holly has ransacked many of the local buildings and brought back supplies for the home.

He showed that if we leave a radius of two or three miles from greater London then we begin to be forced into the effects of timelessness. I am tempted to see if this means we will be absorbed into the normal timeflow, but the act of pushing against this boundary is physically painful and I do not wish to test on my mortality, at least not until I am able to ship my experiments off to our jailors. Perhaps in that case I will be able to gamble more freely.

The final thing of note to begin my incarciration (I am told my supplies will be shipped to us, so perhaps I can begin working again soon) Tess and I woke to notes written "by ourselves" telling us that Hanover Park has some supplies we would be interested in.

Tess' note was signed by a diamond and mine was signed "Barker", they did appear to be our handwriting, though my handwriting has never had use for a signature marked "Barker". If this was a time travelling message as our fellows had suggested, I do not know why I would attempt to confuse myself, all it did was ensure that I knew the writer of this note had knowledge of my time in London.

The Hanover Park site was not full of provisions, however, it was full of items from Tess' life prior to incarciration and it sported a gate that was bent out of shape. Mathy claims "she" has escaped and seemed excited for the prospect. I was not aware of a further visitor, though the three of us who went on an expedition did hear a female crying in Ludicial's quarters.

I have taken it upon myself to investigate and find out what is going on.