Into another fire

The past few months have indeed been a triffle, a challenge and somewhat of a quandary. Indeed between my companion Lorena being unceremoniously disposed of by the coward who dared to steal my monicker and M.O; the revelation that my other partner was working in collusion with the "cure" obsessed Pines and the destruction of said coward whose body was engulfed in flames revealing a metallic skeleton of questionable origins.

Yes, my life has become a topsy turvy rollercoaster of enigmatic mystery, obfuscated uncertainty and the odd contridiction.

For now, I find myself working side by side with my former adversary Exit. A woman of whom I find fairly benign now that we are on level. Dare I say I even find myself comfortable in her presence? She and I share much in the way of our design in killing, though I doubt we would see eye to eye on motive--- if of course she could see at all.

She can not.

Seeings as I am the sole survivor of the "hunter" party, for if Jeremy still lives he does not belong in the hunt club with us.

Instead I am partnered now with Exit's two closest minio--- her two closest allies. Florence, a former elementary school instructor who appears to be in denial of why her field trips end with the clauses in permission slips put to use and Cyril a fascinating young man who does not appear keen on kindness from strangers or those in his comfort zone. It is best to keep him on a chain and hit him with it when appropriate. Hardly a task I pride myself in and yet if it needs to be done then I will solemnly commit to my duties.

For now we are trying to hunt a fellow serial killer. Exit has taught that if we work together on a kill we can sustain off of the single prey rather than our own series of victims. This sounds like Pines thinking to me, but for now I shall remain entangled in these affairs. There is no need to return to my prior modus operandi while so many are familiar with it and willing to copy. The Hunt Club is reason enough to remain, but my anonymity may require me disolving my business, home and personal affairs for now. We shall see where this leads.

At this time we are attendants of a art show in a "Genius Wavelength", and yesterday we had visited a vampire nightclub named Ferry Floss. It would appear the world is full of "supernal" beings and I have found that our kind are considered to be invaders, pretenders to the throne, a fringe from the elite. I have not yet gained knowledge to refute and yet the mere concept makes me violently repulsed to the point of livid provocation. I shall not STAND for being ignored, for being LOOKED DOWN UPON. MINE IS A SKILL AND INTELLECT EARNED THROUGH RIGIROUS PRACTICE AND STUDY, I SHALL NOT RECEIVE PETTY JUDGMENT FROM A DOG MAN WHO WAS SIMPLY BORN WITH OR INHERITED A CASE OF FLEAS FROM A DISEASED FANG BITE, I WILL NOT, I CAN NOT, I REFUSE. I AM BETTER AND SHALL EARN A PLACE WITHIN THE CIRCLE OF COMMENDATION.


Of these supernal beings I am presently aware of vampires, werewolves, magicians and I have come to learn they call us "hunters". More shall be revealed in time, of this I am quite confident.

There is so much to consider, so much to think on. We have Allgernon as a guest in attendence to the Hunt Club, we have Roberto our gun toating aquaintance and a slew of clues regarding the metal skeletons in the art garden and the spirits in the Japanese portion which were irritated by the movement of said sculptures. I am not yet knowledgeable on Spirits. I have much yet to read.

For this moment our group found ourselves mingling at an artshow which ended with an "illuminated" Genius capturing us. Many are dead but Florence, Cyril and myself endure. We must make use of our new allies Fauna, Lily, Lisa and of course "Static".


That bespectacled woman and her secrets. Her ability to hack our phones. So casually noting "you're Exit's minions" ---MINIONS. She. I will... Very well. We shall see who is the greater "genius".