Dark Morning

This morning at pre-dawn I stood with my followers on the hill of the York Valley, my mighty god Ra was beginning to extend his power over me.

"HAIL to thee, Amun-Ra, Lord of the thrones of the earth, the oldest existence, ancient of heaven, support of all things; Chief of the gods, lord of truth; father of the gods, maker of men and beasts and herbs; maker of all things above and below; Deliverer of the sufferer and oppressed, judging the poor; Lord of wisdom, lord of mercy; most loving, opener of every eye, source of joy, in whose goodness the gods rejoice, thou whose name is hidden. 

Thou art the one, maker of all that is, the one; the only one; maker of gods and men; giving food to all.

Hail to thee, thou one with many heads; sleepless when all others sleep, adoration to thee.
Hail to thee from all creatures from every land, from the height of heaven, from the depth of the sea. 

The spirits thou hast made extol thee, saying, welcome to thee, father of the fathers of the gods; we worship thy spirit which is in us." 

As a normal precaution, all the worshippers wear a mask of varying animals to hide our idenities.  See our worhip is considered illegal.  The dogs of Set try to control all worship on this world.

But rumors are abound, Kordava the Emperor and Hand of Set has been killed!  Set's dark power begins to wane! The god of all, Ra has giving a sign that it is soon time to rise!

A scream is heard in the crowd, we have been so focused on Ra's glory that we dod not notice that our morning worship had been infiltrated.

Three akwardly masked men had come, and as we turned to face them they removed their masks of snakes.  Settites!!

The priest of Set disrupts our service with the foul accusations directed to the congregation.  The group crumbles from repeated verbal abuse.  I try to strengthen the worhippers to no avail.

Then they attack, the group breaks.  A few drops from the evil onslaught.

I retreat with a few followers, a female worshipper whispers 'Thank You'.