Early dawn, we head out on horsebackn towards the Fortress.  As the Sun rises, I have an episode of weakness,  I cannot let expose myself as a priest of Amun-Ra.  

I mutter a prayer to Ra asking for forgiveness and hoping for his blessing but it is not granted.  I do not gain his power for the day.

Moving through the farms towards, we see a scared farmer running towards us.  We slow as he approaches.

It seems a ogre has entered the town and is holed up in a home.  We decided to check it out.  

Approaching cautiously, it seems that the ogre was confused and lost.  He was just trying to get home and wanted some tea for the road.

The townspeople accused it of taken a young child!  For what we gathered from Bonegrinder is that he grabbed a hobbit it seemed who screamed and bargained to get the ogre some food.  
It seemed that this hobbit grabbed a small kid back to the ogre.  The ogre unknowingly thought it was a pig and ate it. :(

We moved with the ogre out of town and set him on his way home.  We then continued on to Fort Gaunt.