Stars over Naboo

Lit by countless stars, Naboo’s night sky was a shining tapestry of constellations and nebulae. On a grassy hillock squatted a portly Twi’lek wearing an ostentatious dressing gown, flanked by his two small children. His fingers were busy pointing at the various incandescent bodies, each one marking a step in his illustrious career. Tracing a line across the firmament, his ring-encrusted digit stopped in the direction of a particularly brilliant orb. “And over there, among the snow-topped spires of Alderaan, was where it all began.“

Drawing his progeny nearer to him, he continued. “When I was busking on the streets of the courtly Aldera, bringing alive with vigor the recitations of Amb’lahn, I accidentally bumped into a lady of regal bearing and hurried pace. She was clad in a robe of silvery white and proceeding towards the starport when our paths crossed. As I was helping her back on her feet, she took a deep look into my eyes and suddenly I felt as if I was floating in the air. Then she held my hands close to her and told me that I was destined to become a celebrated artsman, a star more radiant than those above us.” Leaning closer to his offspring, he whispered hushedly: “She said that she could sense it in the Force.” He paused for a moment to take in the wondering gazes of his children and then went on. “And as if by sorcery, from that moment on, I always knew what performance to bring to each audience, what notes to sing, what visage to portray to spur their hearts.”


Then his tone took on a more somber note: “However, just before she vanished back into the crowd, this enigmatic lady halted for a second to give me a warning. She cautioned me that my triumphs would carry a heavy price, one that I would pay dearly. And that for each day of joy in my life I would have to suffer two in torment.” For a while the grand maestro sat lost in his thoughts regarding the stars before resuming. “But if such is the way of the Force, I shall take whatever it gives me with open arms. And as long as I have you two, I couldn’t care for anything else in the world!”, the rotund thespian declared defiantly, giving both of his younglings a broad smile. The cubs nodded enthusiastically, but as their papa carried on with his reminiscing, the younger one turned his gaze to the ground. With a troubled look on his face he clung more tightly to the hem of his father’s robe.