Heart of Amber

The lurks had the Storm Knight hopelessly pinned. Hanging onto every conceivable part of the body, more than a dozen of the pallid creatures were dragging the reality warrior down. For a good while the valiant soul had managed to hold the shrieking hobgoblins at bay. But eventually there had been simply too many of them to overcome.


Then all of a sudden the lurks fell silent as the passageway echoed with a distant clang. Knowing that rest of the troupe were safe, the Storm Knight gave a brief sigh of relief. But that moment of solace was cut short as an eerie glow appeared down the tunnel, drawing nearer with an alarming speed. Struggling to get a better look, the adventurer was suddenly staring in the pitch-black eyes of a wight-lord.


“Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” taunted the spectral figure with an icy cackle. “The artifact your companions took is a most unfortunate loss. But reparations for that snatch shall come forthwith!“ Extending clawed fingers toward the chest of the helpless Stormer, the gravespawn intoned “I shall present Lord Uthorion with a prize equally sought after, the heart of--”


--with a tormented gasp Adam Ha-rishon bolted upright in the bed. Inside his chest the heart - whose heart? - was pounding like a piledriver. Wandering to the window to clear his head, the heartbeat started slowly to calm down. But as that throbbing subsided, Adam Ha-rishon found a phrase echoing in his ears: “The heart of the Knight Amber.