Issue #3: The Next Move

created at: 04/30/2013

Following the ambush(es) at the CDC, the heroes return to SHIELD HQ and consider their next move.  Lux has gathered more pieces of the Code Delta 3 android and is focused on analysis of the elusive enemy.  SHIELD provides a fully equipped lab and a number of assistants in the effort.  Agent Hill is fully engaged with the SHIELD Public Affairs representative and how many press conferences it will take to answer all the questions pouring in about the blue-skinned and salacious Captain Homicide.  After several hours of P.R. coaching the bemused Cpt H, SHIELD reps wisely decide not to let him speak to the public again.  Agent Hill gives the heroes a week of rest to recuperate while more data is collected and analyzed.  The team gets a chance to kick back and train with the agents of SHIELD and SWORD.

  created at: 05/01/2013

A week passes and Agent Hill gathers the team together.  The heroes notice everyone at SHIELD working on the mission is reading from paper notepads, and writing all new information on hardcopy.  She briefs the team on the latest developments:


-Two more Anonymous hackers were found shot in the head, one in Sacramento CA and another in Lisbon, Spain.  


-SHIELD has been working in loose cooperation with Anonymous to track the hacker, Coded.


-The hacker handle, Coded, was used by Park Sun Rin - a Korean American and former employee of Acme National Insurance.


-Anonymous traced high bandwidth signals coming from Acme National Insurance Corporate Center in Chicago, IL to the CDC-Atlanta while the heroes were there investigating.  They were able to interrupt the network traffic by cutting off the facility and shutting down all wireless signals in a 2-mile radius. 


-There was a strange "tethered" line attached to the signal that struck the CDC.  It originated from a remote site in the Arizona desert that used to be a copper mine.  

 created at: 05/01/2013

After Lux completes her analysis, the heroes learn this about their enemy:


-The android can constitue itself over a network and wirelessly from any electronic device.


-Code Delta 3 has somehow replicated and altered the techno-virus in order to create itself completely.


-The techno-virus ran rampant during the Inferno event several years ago.  Since then the only known terrestrial source of the virus is Warlock, a reclusive alien that is a member of the New Mutants.


SHIELD tries contacting the X-Men to get information about Warlock.  Cyclops returns the short, cryptic message, "He's not around, we'll find him."


The team now needs to plan their next move.