“Hey, have you guys seen this?”

                Aneksi’s ghostly form phased through the wall into the rec room beneath Spector Mansion.  Antares and Axl were shooting pool in front of an enormous, opulent hearth lit with a roaring fire.  A Big Bang Theory rerun played on the wide screen.  Frenchie was building a model Sopwith Camel on a pinball machine.  The demon, Sabanion, rested in the hearth… a pile of scorched obsidian and smoking embers.  The remote control floated from the arm of the recliner and the channel switched to News5 NYC.  The screen showed two tense newscasters split-screen, one in the newsroom and another in a helicopter over the city. 

                “Hey, I was watching that!  Penny’s so hawt.”

                “The mortal’s truename is Kaley Cuoco,” Sabanion’s voice rasped from a pair of glowing eyes in the hearth, “I like this mortal, Kaley Cuoco.  She’s quite--”

               “Focus, Roughnecks!”

                “… unbelievable today in New York!  We’re trying to bring you the best footage we can while staying safe.  Ted, my helicopter pilot here, flew in Afghanistan and is one of the best so we’re going to try to get in as close as we can.  If you look at this… incredible!... haven’t seen anything like this!  I know it hasn’t been confirmed yet Mary, but I’m going to make the call.  A kaiju!  A kaiju is attacking New York city!” 

                Mary raised a hand to her ear.  “Vince… hello, Vince?  Yes, we’ve just gotten confirmation from our expert in Japan.  This is in fact a kaiju and this one is called King Barakidon.”

                “’King Barakidon?’  Ok well, he’s heading toward Little China.  Mary, I can’t believe… hold on…  I think I see it… YES!  Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, is blazing through the air.  There’s Mr. Fantastic as well, atop a building at eye level with the creature.  I’m sure The Thing and Invisible Woman are around as well.  Yikes!  Mr. Fantastic just took quite a hit!  Ouch!  What’s this…. ?  Wait… Holy cow!  Something big and orange just flew past us!  I’m guessing that was The Thing.  I think he landed in Korea Town, that’s got to hurt.  Mr. Fantastic… he’s back up!  He’s reaching down two floors for a… a phone!  He’s got a cell phone from what must be a terrified office worker on the 48th floor of Taiwan Tower.  He’s dialing…”

                 Rrrrring!  Rrrring!  The phone on the rec room bar began to ring.  Antares, Axl, Frenchie and Aneksi stiffened and slowly looked from the TV and at each other.  Frenchie’s fist clenched and he spilled a thin trail of airplane glue on the floor all the way to the telephone.  He picked up the receiver.

                 “Uhhhh… hello?  Yes… Mr. Richards?  Doctor, sorry…. That bad?  Ok…. Ok…yeah.  How did you get this number?  Hello?”

                 Frenchie hung up the phone. 

                 “You guys busy?”

                 “This is the episode with the Little House on the Prairie erotic fanfic!  Can we just-- *urk!*  …Innat pobleegia Anubis kar-na ot-HahmTAI!”

                 The Eye of Horus manifested over Axl’s right eye as Aneksi possessed him.  The spell complete, a portal opened to the roof of a building.  They saw a billboard with sweeping Chinese characters in neon and billowing smoke.  Vibrations from the nearby carnage reverberated through the portal and shook the rec room.  An ear-shattering roar from the kaiju shattered the pinball machine and every bottle of liquor behind the bar. 

                “A shame, Aneksi,” Sabanion said, looking at Axl and smiling, “the full moon isn’t until tomorrow night.”   

                “Let’s go,” Crucible said, enveloping himself in molten orichalcum, “your full moon antics will have to wait, whatever they are.  I’m surprised Mr. Fantastic called us… this could actually get us some good coverage…”