Session 2 - Otherworldly

“I’m screwed again!  I’m so bloody tired of this!  Why me?  Why am I always the one getting screwed?”  

The Australian spec ops agent, known only as Iris, stomped around the cave in a haze of anger.  Fenris raised his wolfish eyebrows at her, a simultaneous attempt at humor and an underhanded inquiry into some hoped-for lascivious possibilities.  She ignored him and continued pacing around the cave.  Agent iris

“At least now I’ve got a crew of additional weirdos that are just as screwed.  You guys seem a bit more capable than the others that have been shanghai’d by Sister Cosmic Colts.  Most of them died.  A lucky few just get left behind, free to go about their lives again as the rest of us are zapped to the next crisis.  I used to love mixing it up, blowing holes through people and beating the living crap out of them... now I just want a goddamned spa day!”

Crucible stared out the cave mouth as the approaching dawn lit the sky.  

“Quiet!” he shouted,  “let’s work this out.  What do we know so far?  We know the Gun Nun has a penchant for trouble and conflict, and she transports herself and those around her from one confrontation to the next whether they like it or not.  We fought a kaiju in New York and the Gun Nun was there.  Before we knew it, we were on an oil rig fighting a pack of werewolves bent on stealing technology.  Now… we know we’re in a place called Cimbron.  If what Iris says is right and the stars are wrong… we’re most likely on another planet.  There’s no fight in front of us but the Gun Nun isn’t here so I’m guessing it’s on its way.  Stay sharp!”

Phantasm drifted to the cave entrance.   

“There’s a domicile here… some kind of living quarters.  Four minds reside there.  Wait... someone is contacting me mentally.  Everyone stay here.”

Phastasm left the cave.  Iris and the Roughnecks watched her float toward a small home in the middle of a field.  A simple fence surrounded the house and Phantasm drifted up a cobblestone walkway.  The door opened and she disappeared inside.


About a half hour later, Phantasm mentally contacted the rest of the team.

“Be prepared for a shock… a few of them actually.  But at the very least, they’re interesting.  Come join us at the house.”

The team came to the front door and found it opened by a standing, anthropomorphic snake creature.  It smiled at them graciously.  In all, 4 of the snake people (who called themselves Snake Sons) lived at the house.  They prepared a stew for the team and chatted about their world and the problems that had undoubtedly drawn the team there, courtesy of the Gun Nun.  The conversation was all conducted psychically, surpassing the typical language barriers and revealing the Snake Sons as all latently psionic.  The inhabitants initially stared suspiciously at Fenris, then with interest.  Finally, they had hope in their eyes for what he could potentially accomplish on their world.  For his part, Fenris stayed in his wolf form out of suspicion, but found his scientific mind taking over even as these quick, agile and most likely dangerous creatures told their story.


The world of Cimbron is dominated by 3 races of beings: the Snake Sons, the Wolf Sons, and the Ape Sons.  Each had their own strengths and inherent abilities.  The Snake Sons were quick and psychic.  The Wolf Sons were strong and ferocious.  The Ape Sons were inventive and intelligent.  Generally, the races got along with minor frictions arising from time to time that were quickly negotiated by the Snake Elders, the 7 oldest living beings on Cimbron.  

Relative harmony... until the arrival of Cerebrus Rex.  Cerebrus Rex was a bipedal reptile which no resident of Cimbron had ever seen.  Based on their description, the team reckoned that Cerebrus Rex was a tyrannosaur… that could speak… that was incredibly intelligent… and that wore its own suit of power armor.  What the fuck?  

He arrived from some other dimension, splitting the fabric of reality and promising astounding technology for those that supported him.  He would not talk to the Ape Sons, calling them ‘Simians’ and deeming them worthy only of slavery.  The Snake Elder sent to speak with him never returned and he subverted the Wolf Sons, promising them dominion over Cimbron and designing new technology for them.  The gauntlets they wear are wired into their nervous systems, making them immune to psychic contact and attack.  This also cut off their ability to speak with the Snake Sons, who can only communicate psychically.  The Wolf Sons quickly overpowered and enslaved the Ape Sons.  High tech collars are clapped around their necks to deliver pain or death on command.  As an amusement, Cerebrus Rex found the most deformed Ape Son and crowned him King Mothok, encasing his wretched body in new technology and feeding his bitter ego.  


Fenris was fascinated… a world where reptiles and canines had negotiated the process of evolution, right along side primates.  He estimated their current level of technology to be around mid 1800s, but without the invention of gunpowder.  He’d already begun the outline of his research paper when Iris released an impatient sigh and got up for the door.  Iris looked outside the front window… to find snarling teeth and burning eyes staring back at her.  

“Um, guys?  I think the Wolf Sons are here.  Yeah, they’re here to cuff our simian asses with shock collars.”

“Not me,” Sabanion offered.

“No, I suppose not,” she said and checked the magazines in her pistols.  Crucible stood and activated his orichalcum skin.  Fenris pushed his scientific mind back into himself and let the predatory instincts take over once again.  New bony points and obsidian edges began to emerge from the volcanic demon, Sabanion.  Iris fingered the makeshift keyboard on her right thigh and her bodysuit began to shimmer and beep as the spy tech systems whirred to life.  

“Tear their gauntlets away, if you can.  Otherwise, I am largely powerless against them,“ Phantasm said.

The team burst out the front door and met the savage Wolf Sons.  They were astounded at what else awaited them outside.