Session 4 - With a Rebel Yell

The team regrouped and surveyed the scene.  Piles of sparking warbots, smoking and bleeding wolf creatures, dead human slaves, and robosaur wreckage.  Redscale and his mate leaned on their broadwords.  The remaining human slaves that had borne the huge, regal platform had all fled.

“Are they free now?” Phantasm asked.

“No,” Redscale replied, “they will return to King Mothok’s palace or risk death.”

“Then that is where we are headed next.  Let’s go.”

“That’s unwise.”

“Mothok DIES!” Phantasm’s psionic scream shuddered through the team.

“Mothok and Cerebrus Rex have armies that guard them there.  The technology is far more advanced, and it guards the walls of the palace.  There are better ways to defeat these two tyrants than a frontal assault.  This last engagement may have been easy, but you will be worn down and burned away if you attack the palace.  Your friend Iris is missing.  She may be dead or even worse… interrogation, torture.  If she’s in Mothok’s hands, a direct attack would probably be an end to her life.  Plans have been laid, and I think this is the best time to implement them.  Let’s talk inside.”

Redscale sat the team down and explained that the Elder Serpents have been working on a plan for over a year.  The details were kept secret, but the Serpent Son race had been starting to feel the pressure.  Most of them knew it was only a matter of time before Cerebrus Rex developed technology that could capture and enslave them.  Some of the elders even hypothesized that the Wolf Sons would be next on the list to fall.

There was a knock on the door.  Redscale received word from a courier that the Elder Serpents wanted to meet the strange newcomers… immediately.

The journey to meet the Elder Serpents was long, circuitous, and covert.  In a dry, dusty chamber deep underground, the team met the six beings that had a plan to take their planet back from the machinations of Cerebrus Rex.  

But first… the team had to prove themselves in ritual combat.  Taken to a sandpit reminiscent of a gladiatorial arena, the Roughnecks faced off against a team of crack Serpent Sons.

“Oh no…” Crucible groaned.  He’d seen this file.  Fenris grinned.  They were almost the same, just not losers in costumes.  No, these were real.  This was a genuine Serpent Society, the Cimbron team.  They faced Sidewinder, Death Adder, Bushmaster, Black Mamba, Anaconda, and their leader, King Cobra.  There was something disconcerting about it, a team born into their serpent skins and out for blood.  After a brief fight to a draw, both beleaguered teams sat down to a huge but quiet feast.  Competitors become allies, both teams listened to the Elder Serpents as they laid out the plan for the redemption of their planet. 


Serpent son2

The natural psychic abilities of the Serpent Sons were blocked by the gauntlets created by Cerebrus Rex and worn by his minions.  But the Elders have also determined that the powers of the armored, genius dinosaur were dimensional in nature, not psychic.  They think that the disappearance of the 7th Elder Serpent might have something to do with Cerebrus Rex’s ability to block psychic powers.  The gauntlets were manufactured in a secret, remote lab called Factory 29.  Serpent Son scouts that reconnoitered the facility felt a psychic suppression signature there that may be the root source of power for Cerebrus Rex’s gauntlet technology.  The details of it’s location were revealed by a sympathetic Wolf Son that had seen the facility and was aghast at the society that Cerebrus Rex had created together with King Mothok.  The lycanthrope double agent had only a brief look inside, but was able to determine that an access tunnel beneath a canal that fed Factory 29 had been shoddily sealed and could be breached with some effort.  

The plan was hardly a solid one.  Sidewinder would lead the Roughnecks down the tunnel while the Serpent Sons mobilized a force large enough to storm King Mothok’s palace a few miles from Factory 29.  If the Roughnecks could disable the operations there or find a way to disable the gauntlets, the Serpent Society could lead their forces in a coup against King Mothok and Cerebrus Rex.  

“We will try to keep the gathering of forces as inconspicuous as possible,” said Greeneye, one of the Serpent Elders, “but sooner or later, King Mothok’s people will discover the rebellion and move to attack us.  We are quick but without our psychic powers, we cannot match the Wolf Sons.  We must attack immediately after you discover what you can at Factory 29… if anything.”

Phastasm looked up at this.  

“What if there is nothing?” she asked, “What if we find no way to defeat the psychic suppression?”

“We mass our forces and we fight attack, regardless of the cost.  We would rather die than continue to live under tyranny.”