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    Games Known (Could PUG at drop of a hat)

    MSH, VtR, MtA, 7th Seas, Rifts, GURPS Supers (Wild Cards a specialty), Nephillim, Amber Diceless, L5R

    Games Played (Could run with Prep Time)

    AW, MOTW, PF, 3.5, Fantasycraft, M&M, GURPS, Cthulhutech, Castle Falkenstein (RTal and GURPS), Demon The Fallen, Promethean, Aberrant, Cyberpunk 2020, Trinity, Adventure, Dark Sun 2E, Kindred of the East, Legends of the Wulin, MAID, Houses of the Blooded, BESM / The Authority

    Would Like to Play/ Little/No Experience:

    Eclipse Phase, Urban Shadows, Superhuman, Mutant City Blues, Nights Dark Agents, Arcanis 3.5, 13th Age, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Unknown Armies, Demon The Descent, GURPS Fantasy, M&M 3E, MHR, Dark Heresy, Warhammer Fantasy, Feng Shui, Saga of the Icelanders, Tenra Bashin Zero


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    Playtest: Just Heroes (Engine, AW hack)

  • Sun, Dec 29, 2013
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  • A poorly run game of Rifts led to dissatisfied players today.  Half of them bailed, but the other half asked if I could repair the day with a good game. I thought to run them in MOTW or Superhuman, but Just Heroes pdf was hanging in my downloads.  So I...

    Warhammer Fantasy Reflections

  • Wed, Dec 04, 2013
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  • I found out my optional Tues RL group has been doing Warhammer Fantasy. (They very particularly are not using the card and item dependant Fantasy Flight version.) I discussed the game with some more knowledgeable pals.  Whether you drew a short career as a garbageman or a better one as...

    The Market Where Everything Is For Sale

  • Rifts: 'Escape From Atlantis'
  • Thu, Nov 14, 2013
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  • Phoenix Rising continued his investigation at Conservator Hegass' request.  Hegass asked Phoenix to look into the Shaydorian Intel 'Mreeshock's movements and report back. Phoenix watched Mreeshock for a bit, and then went into his simple domicile to speak to him.  It was unusual for a slave to have a private...


  • Rifts: 'Escape From Atlantis'
  • Sun, Nov 10, 2013
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  • I like to give a week for prep time (I did). And then a week for people to get characters up (that's this week.) If I don't see other characters are finalized as Smiling Jack and Phoenix Rising, or hear from parties registered and holding slots by Weds game day,...

    Episode One (A not so brief summary for a brief game)

  • Rifts: 'Escape From Atlantis'
  • Sat, Nov 09, 2013
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  • Phoenix Rising is a Maxi-Man (Bio-Wizard Magical Tattooed Warrior) in the thrall of SplynnKat the Splugorth. He enjoys exalted privileges from his Master, whom he has been socialized since his youth never to rebel from. He lives in a tower in Splynn far from his Master's residence, has a hovervehicle...