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Bry 's characters

Ivy Anatoli - The Ventrue

Ivy side
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    Player: Bry
  • Name: Ivy Anatoli "The Ventrue" Chronicle: "A Requiem for the Lost" Mask: Perfectionist Dirge: Lover Concept: Fastidious Musician Touchstone: Antique Violin Clan: Ventrue Bloodline: None Covenant: Ordo Dracul   Attributes: Mental Intelligence: 3 Wits: 2 Resolve: 2   Physical Strength: 1 Dexterity: 2 Stamina: 3   Social Presence: 3 Manipulation: 3 Composure: 3   Skills: Mental (-3 Unskilled) Academics: 3...

    Kathy Veil

    Kathy veil 290x320
    The Infernal Age/Look: 17, anxious with flickering eyes Origin: chosen Hot -1, Cold +0, Volatile +1, Dark +1 Moves: SOUL DEBT (the power flows through you, uncanny voices),  CAN’T SAVE MYSELF, HUNGRY GHOST, LIGHT the WAY Dark Power: The Trickster, Kathleen, whom Kathy thinks of as her older, more actualized self. Strings: Craig 1, Clay 2 Conditions: Dyke (Usually) Family:...

    Private character

    Olivia the Oracle

    Olivia 290x320
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    Player: Bry
  • Olivia Bancroft, the Damaged Oracle Look: Female Caucasian with loose clothing, distant demeanor, (sensual body, playful eyes, and graceful hands).   Blood +0 Heart -1 Mind +1 Spirit +2 [ ] Mortality =0 [ ] Night -1 [ ] Power +1 [ ] Wild +1 Advances: 0/0 MOVES Foretellings  Psychometry  INJURIES Armor: O Faint O Greivous O O Critical O...

    Bobbi Lynn Jaynes

    Bobby 290x320
    Sorority Sister, Trouble Magnet Rank: Novice - 0 xp Advances: 0   ATTRIBUTES     Agility d6        Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d6   Vigor d6 Academics 0 Charisma +0 Pace 6 Parry 4 Toughness 5    SKILLS Fighting d4 Investigation d8 Knowledge (Criminology) d8 Lockpicking d4 Notice d4 Persuasion d4 Shooting d4 Stealth d4 Streetwise d8 Taunt d4 Throwing d4 Total 17   ...

    Chevelle the Courier

    Chevelle the driver
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    Player: Bry
  • Skin: The Driver A woman in leather wear with a fine-boned face, cool eyes and a solid body Cool =0 Hard -1 Hot +1 Sharp +2 Weird =0 History Chevelle was rasied by a savvyhead named Jackson at a long-dead hardhold in the west. He taught her how to fix cars and use them to earn her way in the...


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    Player: Bry
  • Fate Core
  • NAME: GamoraPLAYER: High Concept: Orphaned Alien Assassin Trouble: Daughter of Thanos Other Aspects: I Would Die With My Friends, Contacts Everywhere, Nimble Little M... APPROACHES Careful: Average (+1) Clever: Average (+1) Flashy: Mediocre (+0) Forceful: Fair (+2) Quick: Good (+3) Sneaky: Fair (+2) STUNTS Because I am Trained to Kill You, I get +2 whenever I Forcefully Attack using only...

    Pavel Constantine

    Accursed   pavel constantine
    Pavel Constantine Vargr Avenger Rank: Novice - 0 xp   Advances: 0 ATTRIBUTES                                       Agility d8                                         2 Hindrance Pts Smarts d6 Spirit d8                                           2 Hindrance Pts Strength d6                                                               Vigor d6                                                                      Charisma -2                                              JIngoistic Pace 6                                                                      Parry 6 Toughness 6 (1) SKILLS                                                 Athletics d6                                                            2 Fighting d6                                                             2 Guts d6                                                                   2 Intimidation d4                                                      1 Notice d4                                                               1 Riding d6                                                                2 Shooting...

    Tommy Walker, aka "Nightstrike"

    Nightstrike 290x320
    Nightstrike Mutant Vigilante Rank: Novice - 0 xp   Advances: 0 ATTRIBUTES                                       Agility d8                                                           Free Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d12+2 (d6)                                      Power Vigor d12+2 (d6)                                           Power   Charisma -2                                                   Mean Pace 12                                               Super Speed Parry 6 Toughness                                                        15 (2)             Base                                                            2             Vigor                                                           7             Brawny                                                       1             Power                                                         3             Armor                                                          2 SKILLS                                                 Climbing d4                                                            1...

    The Cosmic Ace

    Captain%20marvel closeup
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    Player: Bry
  • Captain MARVEL ASPECTS Alien-Powered Super Soldier Many Allegiances Cosmic Power Impenetrable Shields Kree Genetics Proud Pilot in the USAF REFRESH 3 ATTRIBUTES +2 BRAINS +3 FLARE +4 FORCE +1 GUILE +3 SENSE +2 SPEED ITEMS Uniform (armor 1) Avengers Card (social 1) ARMOR 2 / DAMAGE 2 STRESS O O O | O O O O CONSEQUENCES +2: +4: +6:...

    The Archer

    Hawkeye closeup
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    Player: Bry
  • ASPECTS Avengers' Ace Archer A History of Violence An Arrow for All Occasions Can't Touch This Trained by Cap Dangerous Liaisons REFRESH 3 ATTRIBUTES +1 BRAINS +3 FLARE +2 FORCE +3 GUILE +4 SENSE +2 SPEED ITEMS Bow (weapon, utility, area 3) Uniform (armor 2) Avengers Card (social 1) ARMOR 2 / DAMAGE 3 STRESS O O O | O...

    The Spider

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    Player: Bry
  • ASPECTS Badass Super Agent with a Dark Past Dangerous Liaisons Martial Arts Legend Graceful Dodges Trained from Childhood Stingers ATTRIBUTES +2 BRAINS +3 FLARE +1 FORCE +3 GUILE +2 SENSE +4 SPEED ITEMS Stinger (weapon 2) Uniform (armor 1) Avengers Card (social 1) REFRESH 3 ARMOR 1 / DAMAGE 2 STRESS O O O | O O CONSEQUENCES +2: +4:...


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    Player: Bry
  • Add a plus one to one of these stats. Might +1 Speed +1 Will 0 Genius -1

    The Cat

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    Player: Bry
  •   Once upon the time you were a poor little street thief without a roof over your head or food in your belly. Through equal parts desperation and determination you clawed your way out of the gutter and into the good life by taking on heists no one dared attempt and succeeding. Falcone Mansion, Cobblepot's Estate, or Wayne Manor: nowhere...

    Wolfgang Morgenstern, Nosferatu

    Wolfgang 290x320
    Wolfgang Morgenstern The Ghoul (NOSFERATU) Age/Look: 17, Gaunt with hungry eyes Origin: the dark embrace Hot -1 Cold +2 Volatile +1 Dark -1   Moves: The Hunger, Disaffected, Satiety

    Rowena Carlisle, the Wyrm

    Rowena mugshot 290x320
    ROWENA CARLISLE The Wyrm Age/Look: 17, sharp with sly eyes Origin: heart got so black Hot =0,  Cold +1,  Volatile -1,  Dark +1 Moves: Bargaining Ceremony, The Bait, Jealous Coils Collection: Rowena has a collection she calls her Monsterous Menagerie. It’s all horror memorabilia and monster “trophies” most of which are hoaxes. She has an original Halloween poster, a 12” Xenomorph...

    Julian Somerfield

    Julian somerfield
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    Player: Bry
  • JULIAN SOMERFIELD, the Fae Look: Male with a sensual body, playful eyes, and graceful hands   Blood -1 Heart +2 Mind +1 Spirit +1 Mortality =0 Night =0 Power +1 Wild +1 Advances: 0/0 MOVES Faerie Magic: Nature’s Caress, Glamours Words are Wind

    The Flash

    The flash
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    Player: Bry
  • Real Name: Barry Allen Refresh 3 ASPECTS Fastest Man Alive… …But Always Running Late Flash Fact Rogues Gallery APPROACHES Careful 0 Clever +2 Flashy +2 Forceful +1 Quick +3 Sneaky +1 STUNTS Because I can Vibrate I get +2 when sneaking through solid objects. Because I throw a Thousand Punches In A Second I get +2 to Forcefully attack a...

    Jason Wilde

    Jason wilde 290x320
    The WITCH Age/Look: Edgy with playful eyes. Origin: gifted Hot =0 Cold +1 Volatile -1 Dark +1 Moves: Sympathetic Tokens, Hex-Casting, Sanctuary Hexes: Ring of Lies, Watching

    Andromeda Pearce

    Andromeda 290x320
    Andromeda Pearce (Bryan) The Xenobotanist                           Age/Look: 28ish, immaculate with soulless eyes Origin: a notion given human form Hot -1,  Cold -1,  Volatile +1,  Dark +1 Moves: Matamorphosis, Inhuman Gaze Andromeda Was created by Prometheus Pearce, one of the great geniuses of the hyperdrive era.