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InfrnoCon GM Bug Hunter Idea Man Horse Puncher InfrnoCon 6 You Are Excited, And It's Ok! At the Drop of a Hat *Fist Bump* Bringing home the BACON Avengers: The Initiative Monster at Heart Amazing GM! Completed The Closed Casket Investigation Shannon Mac Style Watched Another Player Train Wreck Himself In A Shannon Mac Style Game Completed "Here Be Dragons" Searcher Series 1 Shannon Mac Style InfrnoCon 8 Dockside Dogs Gangster For Use of Carnal Knowledge Here be Angels No Golden Parachute For You It's Only a Matter of When Volatile Times OctaNe, baby! Sound Wizard Sewer Liver Donation system Timelord Triumphant Next stop: Everything! Thank God for the Apocalypse Cold Blooded Killer True Love Never Dies... Spookybean! Master of Disaster Castle Falkenstein Boys Will be Boys Forbidden Love Incubus Dreams One Mean Hombre Creature Feature Song and Sorrow FATE Accelerator! Just an evening stroll through Whitechapel Viva Las Vegas! Welcome to Winter Valley! Night of the Girls! The Last Unicorn 3-Way Field Trip! tHe cIty tHat nEveR sLeEps "The Evil League of Evil (GMs)" Monsterheartless For all mankind... Guinea Pig One Less Ghost I Play Guys When I Damn Well Want To! Awesome GM Award Orbital Decay My Life With Master The Usual Suspects Seven Years Good Luck Shadow Force Alumnae The Renee Achievement So Happy! The Fig Electrical Storm Achievement The Dani Midnight Music A Taste of Arcadia The Trailer A Frosty Reception The Judas Achievement Communio
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  • Bry 's Photos : Unknown

    Lady11 1

    I really want to find out who did this so I can credit them and procure a better copy. Love this picture so much.

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  • Sun, Jun 24, 2012

    Great shot! I wonder how much is photoshopped...

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