Log #001

All my efforts to find Floyd Lawton alias (Deadshot) since he presumably escaped Bell Reve have turned up nothing. How the hell did Bruce come up with the evidence when there just isn't a trail I think that's one thing none of us will figure out. With Waller on the run and other discrepancies I know the Squad had something to do with Lawton's disappearance. The next logical step is to find Waller and hopefully Lawton. I promised Nightwing first crack at Floyd and he needs this one. 

Crime has begun to stabalize in the city with all of us in full force the cockroaches are scared again. They think the Batman is invincible now. Red Angel is considering taking up the mantle of Robin saying "Every bat needs a bird". We'll see where this goes until then I have a few more leads on waller I need to check out before Heading to WayneTech for a meeting with Lucius 

Signing out Bat/February 19

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