Congratulations on making it this far.

Dear Incredibly Lucky,

We found another in the woods being chased by the ghouls. I remembered this one as a priest from the village he often came into the shop for herbs and other supplies for his work. He stumbled upon us and brought with him 4 of the unliving bastards. We fought valiantly the priest and gravedigger suffering heavy casualties...I and the debutante did what we could for them but extrme measures had to be taken for them to be saved. The priest will never be the same even now I can smell the stink of undead on him. We managed through the dark and unyielding forest as best we could and made it to the city of Cernvale. I hope we might find a respite behind it's walls and that I can leave this group in safety while I try and find more on the unstoppable army that is inevitably coming.

Sincerely, Leon