From the Desk Of Leonard Moonkin Fulbring

Dear Journal, 


I still remember my first sight of Cernvale after the terrifiying ordeal of the ghouls and the sacking of the city. Michael and Petyr still under the thrall of Elise's blood. It's funny now that all I could think of was getting away from these people. I was going to join the blades and make sure Cernvale could be protected from the undead horde, and that's when I met Meredith that tiny elf taught me more than anyone else I've met. I'll always remember her asking for tales of my travels and me being the showboat I was made up a lie of single handedly saving  Michael. I think she always knew honestly. After leaving with her interesting blessing (I never get used to gypsie blessings to much saliva involved for me.)


From there I was so quick to hide away at the Meteorite and drawn my sorrows if only for a few hours. But even then the fates decided I needed Elise there. We bickered as always assaulting each other between drinks. The Meteorite's owner Henry is one of the best soul suckers I've ever met. He told me that the undead horde was lead by a Lich of immeasurable power and that it was only a matter of time before He set his sights on Cernvale. With that I left Elise to crack open a cold one with Henry and made my way to the Blades recruitment office.


I remembered my father's stories of the Amazing monster hunters honorable warriors and defenders of Cernvale. When I first got there I was...underwhelmed to say the least I was asked what crime I commited and when I said I was here to volunteer the Officer looked as if I was insane but lead me to the back office and to my first encounter with the insane half-orc Crowley. Crowley had spent a little to long in the hole and as such talked about things that made no since such as. Dm's, and Critical hits, I never understood him but the important thing is he was always there when we needed him. We were both tasked with the hunting and destruction of a Flesh Golem in a Manor house a few days outside of the city. As competent as Crowley and I were at the time even my bravado had limits I knew we would need a team so I went back to the Meteorite and proposed a deal to Petyr, Elise and Michael. Should they agree to help we would all gain access to the Blue Moon district and split the treasure evenly...treasure they noticed anyway.


Petyr for some reason refused citing issues with the soul suckers as reason. If he really knew some of the vampire's out there I think he would come to realize that Elize and Henry are the least of our worries. Michael however fighting off the effects of the ghouls sinister poison still agreed and Elise wouldn't miss the chance for wealth. We set off immdeiantly for the golem. On the way we rain into one of the strangest beings I've ever seen. It all began with a voicei n Michael's already over taxed head and a large green stone. It turned out to be the shardmind Kuri better known as Calvin who had been taxed with protecting nature from the forces of death and decay. I wasn't going to say no to body for the flesh golem and what ever else we found to attack. So I quickly agreed to him coming with us a giant chunk of mineral is a much better target than the hunter standing next to him. 





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