My First Visit To The Manor

Dear Journal,

I remember seeing the towering structure for the first time the court yard dominated by a fierce Arch Angel impaling a demon desperately trying to claw its way back to hell. The porch crowded with riflemen standing guard. We didn't know then but the Black Dragon Leigion had been hired for some sinister purpose hidden in the Manor. Michael played the part of blundering traveler brilliantly distracting them purfectly while I could get in position to back him up.

It wasn't long before the first shots rang out and we were in the middle of battle. Bullets flying swords slashin Elise and I rushed to help Michael Elise takin a a strike that would have felled any mortal being and shaking the poor mercenary to his very core when she just kept coming. I slipped behind him while he was off his guard and slipped my garrote over his neck leaving him helpless to Michaels finishing blow. Crowley and Calvin kept the others at bay arrows and lightning blasts filling the court yard. We felled two of the troop before the third ran into the estate and we were left to deal with the unexpected Gargoyle's smelling the fresh blood of the leigion soldiers.

Luckily the infernal monstrosities were slow and hadn't fought in a long time. Calvin was able to distract one in a blast of locus while I jumped from the porch onto the beasts back and plunged my sword deep into it's skull ending its miserable life. The other however Michael was left with and we weren't able to destroy it quick enough to stop it from reverting back to its stone visage.

Leaving the gargoyle behind we ventured into the manor house and were met with statue of Cyrus Pinkie te former owner of this gloriously mad estate. Inside was a plaque which read "I gazed into the vaults of science only to find halls of madness. I weighed the human soul against its flesh and found that neither have value without the other. I have seen the facade of civility torn down in the face of temporary glory. Do not follow the trails I have blazed, seek not that I have found in this accursed place. You do not desire my delusions. Leave now or prepare for oblivion." We were faced with the challange of which route to go. The Halls of Madness were decided on and we made our way into a lavishly furnished hallway. I searched the hallway while the others  checked nearby rooms finding a bathroom with a strange mirror that didn't bear any reflections. and a coa room with a few Black Leigion uniforms. I quietly put one on while the others headed into the Billard room and witnessed a game being played between spirits. The ques moving of their own accord until we entered then everything reset almost like they were apologizing for the noise. Then in his invite wisdom Michael invited me to a game. I still to this day don't know why I agreed but as soon as I broke we heard the must guttural horrid scream I thought imaginable Calvin exploded into a swarm of thousands of tiny crystalline bugs and Michael jumped behind the bar. Crowley and I thought the Legion were busting through the door and had concocted a plan with me pretending to arrest him.

But journal...I have never...I repeat never been more wrong what came through that door was a mess of swirling body parts and teeth gnashing together the entire thing couldn't have been bigger than a human but it had the voice of hundreds and came straight at Crowley! I was just barely able to get the restraints out of my hand preventing myself from being dragged down with him. I leaped over this abomination trying to stab it and get it away from my over sized compatriot. I gave it a nasty wound and landed in the library only to be greeted by Legion guards who didn't even seem phased by that quivering mound of disembodied souls. I left the monster to the three in the parlor and began my assault on the mercenaries.

I don't know how they did it but Michael and Calvin found a way to destroy the beast in the end. I had to deal with a rather lucky halfling I could see his bandolier full of grenades and new to beat him I needed to stay close and make him give up his tricks. The others quicly dealt with the riflemen and I with the halfling cutting his bandolier from him and leaving him a present of his own explosive design. After that battle Calvin went to check on Michael and Crowley Elise and I searched the room for anything valuable. We found a pair of Moonstones and agreed dto split the treasures for ourselves Crowley was strangely uninterested. 

For now I leave this story unfinished until I find the time to relive my life once again. As always I find great joy in looking back at these pages and reliving the most exciting albeit terrifying years of my life.


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  • Thu, Dec 19, 2013

    I like it! I'll have another!

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