The End Of The Epiphany

Well, after reviewing everyone's schedules, it looks like the Epiphany is drawing to a close. I can't be there this week, Franck can't be there next week, other nights of the week are dubious at best, and we're down to 3 people, the minimum that we decided on for our "go" group.

Lessons learned: The game will take longer than you think, planning for down-the-road is important.  Pictures on the game table look great. Using text boxes to record your ideas and things-to-do-next is great.  Blogposts are cool.

I really feel like we did a good job with Infrno and Cthulhutech both, so my goals were acheived for this game.

Thanks to everyone who participated even once, you all did a great job and were excellent players. I would absolutely be in a game with you all again.

I will absolutely run other things on Infrno, so keep an eye out. And think of me if you have other projects!

"And I walk like a ghost among the living and the born-free / Yeah, I'm comin', Nena, comin' for you..."


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  • Tue, Mar 15, 2011

    I really enjoy this, Jason. Awesome characters, and nice groundwork to the stories and setting. I really had a lot of fun as Hunter, both in game, and via blog.

    Sucks that schedules started getting unreliable, but it's a good decision.

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  • Mon, Mar 14, 2011

    Sad face. :(

    But thanks for running it, Jason! I had fun, met some great people, and learned a lot about the site. 

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