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    I've been gaming since 5th grade, which is a long time ago now. Roleplaying is as much of a creative outlet for me as it is a social event, so I lean toward games which focus on story and character. I'm not particularly attached to systems so much as genres or settings, but I like to think I'm also fairly flexible about those as well.

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    Episode XXXXI - The Battle of Xorrn

    As they await the expected arrival of a force of Rebel ships to come to their rescue, the defenders of XORRN come together and make the last preparations for the coming battle with the forces of the GALACTIC EMPIRE. As the mixed group of Rebel agents, Mandalorian mercenaries, and former...

    Episode XXXX - The Zygerrian Paradox

    A band of Rebel heroes continues their search for allies to aid them in defending the shipyards of Xorrn against an impending Imperial attack. While the engineers on the planet prepare defenses in Xorrn’s underground factories, the Rebels travelled to the nearby world of Vlemoth Port, where they have negotiated...

    Episode XXXIX - The Search for Allies

    The neutral shipyards of Xorrn in the FERRA SECTOR are under the threat of destruction by the ambitious Captain Nervi of the Imperial Navy. As representatives of the Rebel Alliance, the famed crew of the Lost Fortune has begun making preparations to try and defend the innocent people who call...

    Episode XXXVIII - Friends Like These

    The Imperial Starfleet enforces the will of the Emperor throughout the galaxy, crushing resistance wherever it is found. An Imperial captain, driven by secret agendas, leads an unsanctioned mission to destroy the neutral shipyards of Xorrn in the FERRA SECTOR. To save the innocent people of Xorrn, heroes must gather...

    Episode XXXVII - Passing the Torch

    The heroes of the Allied Tion Sector have dealt a significant blow for freedom against the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE during the Battle of Jaminere. The strength of the Imperial sector fleet has been significantly weakened and their leadership is in disarray after the capture of the nefarious LORD ADVISOR VERPALION....
  • Sun, Jul 24, 2011

    Noticed you listed UA under interests. If you ever host a UA game i would be very interested.

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