Issue #15 - Empire Falls

created at: 10/02/2012

Backed up by Red Robin and Kid Flash, the Legionnaires take on the would-be Revenge Squad outside of the Crucible. During the battle, SUVs are tossed, a mole machine is dropped onto the Mole, and several fires are started. Hoplite, Shiv, Hotstreak, Nashoba and many Bang Babies are taken down by the heroes, and the rest of the Crate escapees flee from the scene. The two Titans pursue the fugitives and Myrmidon, Skull-O-Mania and Red Devil look to finding Star Spangled Kid and Static Shock.

Sylvester arrives at the Apollo Industries building and intervenes to save Dr. Borg from a skinwalker who is attempting to telepathically scan her. It appears that the Alrun spy is trying to learn about the cosmic conversion system that powers the Sphere of Influence. Thankful for the rescue, Dr. Borg tells Star Spangled Kid that a young scientist named Sylvester Pemberton could be key in stopping REGDOR's rampage, little knowing that her savior is the same man. 

As they speak, a massive space vessel comes into view; the Carrier of Stormwatch, now commandeered by the White Alrun invaders! 50 miles long and 30 miles high, its towering bulk blocks out the night sky over Empire City.  

Meanwhile at Sinai Industries, Static Shock checks in with the security office and learns that so far they have been able to keep a handle on the chaos. He goes to the Applied Sciences Division to check on his projects, passing by the desk of Matthew Wolf. Remembering SSK's warning about the new hire, he checks Wolf's computer and finds evidence that he had been in collusion with Professor Ivo in creating REGDOR. He also finds a message about Wolf meeting Ivo at a railyard in the Boardwalk district after midnight. 

The other Legionnaires find their comrades in the Imperial District and they discuss what to do about the Alrun, REGDOR, and Ivo. Virgil preps some radio devices that won't be infected by the rogue AI so they can stay in touch. Myrmidon, Red Devil, and Skull-O-Mania decide to team up with the Titans in attacking the huge Carrier while SSK and Static confront Ivo and try to stop REGDOR's rampage.

Superboy flings SoM up to the hull of the city-sized spacecraft, and Red Robin grapples onto his leg to join him. Red Robin uses some gadgets to disable a force field that enables Red Devil to open a portal into a hangar bay, and Skully bashes his way through the wall of metal to open a physical hole.  

The Titans and Legionnaires battle close to one hundred Alrun troopers in the hangar, scattering a platoon and then dealing with an elite Starkiller unit. SoM breaks an emergency blast door and uses it to shut the exit from the hangar, forcing the starfighters in the bay to abandon their attack on Empire City. Myrmidon cuts a swath through the alien attackers, but he is eventually flanked by the overwhelming numbers and shot in the side by a blaster. Red Devil goes nova a few times, backed up by Superboy in a signature move that takes down even more foes. 

Skull-O-Mania gets some fuel tanks with Superboy's help, placing them near a reactor powering the sector. Red Devil thens sets off an explosion that takes out the equivalent of a city block on the surface of the Carrier. The defenders of Empire City below cheer the sight of the explosion and continue to battle to protect their city from the unending tide of Alrun forces.

Back on the ground, Static and Star-Spangled Kid find the railyard and are confronted by Amazo the Android, Ivo's greatest creation. Powered by the abilities of the Justice League, the robotic villain has trouble keeping up with the quick moving Static. SSK spots Matthew Wolf trying to escape from a railroad car, and he gets past the traitorous scientist to find Ivo waiting inside a converted lab. 

Sylvester uses his portable copy of RODGER and uploads his AI into the system REDGOR is using. The two AIs begin their own virtual battle for control of the airwaves while Star-Spangled Kid grabs Ivo and threatens him in an attempt to get Amazo to give up. While the android is distracted, Static Shock creates a massive electromagnet by charging the metal of an industrial crane nearby. Luring Amazo into its pull, SSK is also affected by the improvised magnet, shorting out his Cosmic Converter harness. The android is temporarily shut down, and Ivo falls unconscious after dropping from the sky. Meanwhile, REGDOR is converted to RODGER's way of thinking and begins trying to undo the damage he'd caused after midnight. 

The Shield, Black Jack, Black Witch, and Bianca Michaels show up at the scene to speak with Static and SSK, letting them know the Sphere of Influence is almost ready to be turned on. According to the Shield, it will enable them to depower the alrun and turn the tide against the invading forces. The two heroes join the new arrivals on the way to Patriot Park, which has been getting the brunt of the alrun assault. They descend to the underground base where the Sphere's control center is located, then observe as Doc Strong's assistant "Dayton" prepares to activate it. 

Before he can, however, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter appear in a time bubble, shouting that activating the Sphere of Influence will mean mankind's doom!

TO BE CONCLUDED in the catacalysmic time-travelling finale - Legacies! 


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  • Tue, Oct 02, 2012

    Yea, it was an epic turn of events!

  • Tue, Oct 02, 2012

    Red Devil and Skull-o-Mania took out the ships headlight :P

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  • Tue, Oct 02, 2012

    Static and SSK took down Amazo... yeah, that happened!

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