Issue #16 - Legacies

created at: 10/09/2012

RODGER contacts the Legionnaires on board the Carrier and tells them that he is once more operational. He relays information about the situation at the Sphere of Influence base, where Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, and T.O. Morrow are confronting Per Degaton, currently disguised as "Pierre Dayton". Dr. Strong's colleague in developing the SoI. As the brainwashed Justice League begins to attack Empire City, the Titans offer to run interference and help buy the Legionnaires some time. Red Devil creates a portal and opens the way to the underground bunker, transporting himself, Skull-O-Mania, and Myrmidon to the control room.

Rip Hunter offers to show the Legionnaires evidence of the outcome of using the Sphere of Influence while Booster and Morrow confront the disguised Degaton. The villain shows his true colors by activating a device which exacerbates the old injury suffered by Black Jack when he appeared as "Jimmy the Robber", over 50 years previous. The heroes are able to recognize and stop the danger before it kills their comrade, and Booster gives Degaton a scar by bashing his head into a console.

As the battle overhead intensifies, the Shield and Black Lightning go up to help the people on the city streets out. The Shield stands up to his father, General Higgins, telling him that he can't stay focused on the military operation while innocent people are being hurt on the streets of Empire. 

Rip Hunter whisks the Legionnaires away in a time bubble, taking them from the 21st century and into the 25th, specifically to Independence Day in 2442. The heroes are aghast at the dystopian "utopia" of Imperial America's Empire City, a tightly controlled and monitored settlement which combines 20th century dreams of the future with a militaristic dictatorship run by Emperor Degaton. Hunter explains that access to this and other time periods has been cut off to time travellers due to a strange phenomenon that appears as a red-and-yellow blur. Virgil recognizes it as the same blur which he witnessed when peering through the Galactascope months before. A temporary window has somehow been opened, however, and the Legionnaires learn that the future they see is the result of letting Degaton activate and control the world's metahuman population through the Sphere of Influence. 

As RODGER hacks into the futuristic computer systems of the Emperor's police state, the heroes witness a ceremony celebrating the evil Imperial Guard, a team of metas modeled on themselves and which they first met during their original adventure. The Guard is alerted to their presence as a result of RODGER's infiltration, however, and they move to detain the Legionnaires on the grounds of the 25th century Patriot Park Observatory. Before they can use Rip Hunter's time bubble to escape, the red and yellow blur appears, evidently summoned by Degaton and his metahuman operatives to trap them in their time. 

A superhuman battle follows, wrecking the observatory and leading to the defeat of the supposed "heroes" of the dark future; the General, Starkiller, and Experiment #001 are pummeled into submission, leaving a frightened Electrocutioner and demoralized Watcher to flee the scene. As a result of smashing #001 into the surrounding wall of red and yellow energy, the heroes see that the field is being created by Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne. Knocked out of his faster-than-light circuit, they discover that Thawne had been cruelly forced to be a human barrier between Degaton's temporal machinations and would-be travelers through time. Freed of the collar which forced him to be this "eternal treadmill", Thawne is nonetheless suspected by the heroes of being a dangerous individual. Static traps him in an electrical cage construct to prevent him from escaping to cause mischief. 

Star-Spangled Kid then uses RODGER to show unedited video of the defeat of Degaton's vaunted Guard to the oppressed citizens of Empire City, inspiring them with their heroic example. The AI shows clips from the past deeds of each of the city's champions, bringing the people to their feet in an uprising against their masters. Static takes a victory lap around the park to celebrate the win and give further fire to the growing rebellion.

As a result of this action, the Legionnaires successfully break the plot of Degaton in the future and give rise to the Legion of Super Heroes, a 30th century team of teen metas who look to the 21st century for their example. With the Eternal Treadmill deactivated, these far-flung heroes travel back to 2442 and greet the Legionnaires, letting them know they are needed back in their own era. Starboy, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Brainiac and others speak to the heroes from 2009, showing them that their true legacy is not one of corrupted power by of continued altruism and genuine heroism.

Arriving back on New Year's Eve 2009 in the bunker beneath Patriot Park, the heroes see that the Legion has brought them to the moment before Degaton activates the device which nearly kills Black Jack. They quickly move to intervene, rewriting the time stream and working together to collectively disable Degaton's device, incapacitate him, and prevent his escape. 

Now backed up by the many heroes in the bunker, they learn that the Justice League and Titans are both under the control of the Alrun invaders and are now trying to destroy the Sphere of Influence. Zero appears out of the shadows and offers to contact his former comrades in the Secret Sentinels and other teams such as Batman Incorporated, Justice League Dark, and the Creature Commandos.

In the midst of this defense of Empire, Mr. Smith appears and reveals himself to actually be Sem-Eth, a Red Alrun and the original Starman! Explaining that he had been keeping an eye on his friend Gloria's grandson Sylvester, he was originally involved in helping to construct the Sphere in preparation for the arrival of his alien kin. Regretting his decision, now, and impressed by Star Spangled Kid's example, he offers to help open a dialog with the alien force's leadership, a mysterious White Alrun known as the Nebulae.

With the aid of many superheroes, the Legionnaires depart the bunker and turn the tide against the White Alrun forces. They take one of Eddie's portals into the control center of the Carrier, confronting the Nebulae and his staff about their violent acts. The Alrun leader explains his people's actions by claiming that humanity is too dangerous to be allowed to run free in the universe, citing the many examples of power corrupting man in ages past. With the sudden rise in the frequency and levels of metagenes on Earth, he says, its only a matter of time before this same evil spreads to once more harm his and other sentient beings across many galaxies. 

The Legionnaires refuse his claims, however, and with Sem-Eth advocating on their behalf, they state that they and the rest of metahumanity deserve the chance to prove themselves rather than being summarily attacked. They have created a counter-example to the acts of the Fourth Reich and other villains like them, and they state that they and those like them will always stand up to fight oppression and abuse of their newfound power. 

Moved by the heroes' defense of their race and their future, the Nebulae is informed that the Martian Manhunter and Deadman have also broken the brainwashing they infilcted upon the Titans, Justice League, and StormWatch. Defeated and now convinced that their ill-conceived assault was unjust, the Nebulae and his minions agree to stop their attack and depart from Earth. He warns that he and the other beings of the universe will be watching to see if mankind lives up to the example offered. The Legionnaires counter that they will do the same, and also plan to monitor the Alruns so they do not cause more trouble elsewhere in the galaxy. 

With Empire City and the world saved from both the White Alrun invasion and Degaton's plot, the Legionnaires see that their gathered fellow heroes - past, present, and future - have seen and been inspired by their example.


The Titans invite Static Shock to join their team and he agrees. He resigns his post at Sinai Industries and has a bittersweet farewell with Bianca Michaels, who now considers Empire to be her home and the Legionnaires her team. Virgil visits his family and then takes a trip to the West Coast to begin his new life. 

Sylvester decides to join Sem-Eth in journeying across space with the admonished White Alruns, feeling he has much to learn from Starman and his kind. He leaves his job with Apollo Industries and thanks Dr. Borg for her help, leaving her his notes on the cosmic converter cell. He also says farewell to his friends Suzie and Jack, revealing his true identity to them both. After a much-delayed romantic date with Suzie, flying her up over the city and sharing a kiss against the night sky, he departs to see the galaxy. He leaves RODGER to help the Legionnaires and eventually returns and gives Jack the identity of Star-Spangled Kid.  

Myrmidon stays with the Legionnaires, seeing it and the defense of Empire City as his calling. He returns home to his house in Collingdale where Misty awaits him, soon to give birth to a happy baby girl. Now possessing both the Spear and Shield of Achilles, the Grecian hero dedicates himself to keeping his hometown safe and running the Crucible.

Red Devil works with Black Witch on finding the means to break himself out of the onus he owes to the agents of Hell. The older magician gives him a list of items needed to create a ritual which will help him free himself, leading to further adventures with both the Titans and Legionnaires around the world. 

Skull-O-Mania and his Skull-O-Maniacs continue to be celebrities on the professional wrestling circuit, and Jacob personally thanks Bianca for her many hours of aid with him overcoming his dark past. While she's heartbroken by Virgil's departure, he helps to prop her up and continues to be a true friend and fellow Legionnaire. He also gets sued by the Iron Tsar, but the Russian crime boss ends up being convicted for his underworld schemes and sent to prison.

Black Jack retires for the second time from superheroics, this time for good. He leaves Empire City and entrusts the continued guidance of the Legionnaires to Ted Grant, AKA Wildcat, a new pugilistic superhero who has made the Boardwalk district his focus. Returning to Faulkner Heights, he continues to be an example to his grandson Jason and takes a job as a Civics teacher at the local high school. 

The Shield II joins the Legionnaires, splitting his time between helping them patrol Empire's streets and protecting Fort Rushing. While he respects his father's example, he knows he can do more than simply be a pawn of the military industrial complex.

Doc Strong, betrayed by Degaton, leaves the Sphere of Influence project and focuses on a medical career in a small town outside of Empire City. He also becomes enmeshed with a mysterious cabal known as The Web.

Time passes, and in 2012, Patriot Park in Empire City is to be the location of the 5th Annual Extraordinary Carnival of Wonders, dedicated to helping the city continue to rebuild in the wake of the Alrun invasion. The Legionnaires are to be the special hosts of the event, which is sure to bring many metahuman heroes together... 

Follow our next chapter of the Adventures in the DC Universe franchise in the Secret Sentinels, volume two!


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