Zero, Year Five

Sleeper Agent

Zero is asked by Batman to keep an eye on several men and women who turn out to be the former members of Team 7. The Dark Knight suspects that one of them is a traitor who is selling information from their top secret past to rival nations and terrorist groups. He runs afoul of Amanda Waller, Black Canary, Deathstroke, and Grifter, each of whom proves that they are not the source of the intel leak. Further investigation points to each of the agents having had a recent encounter with a telepath named REM a former Israeli agent who developed metahuman powers that let him enter the dreams of other people. The ex-Mossad man is now selling the secrets he learns from former spies and supersoldiers' slumber, planning to build himself a device which will extend his power even further. 

Setting up a trap, Zero pretends to be missing Team 7 member Kurt Lance and lures REM to enter his dreams. The two men fight for control of the surreal dreamscape, and the mentalist is able to open an escape portal into an even stranger realm which is the dominion of the Sandman. Confronted with images out of his past (and alternate lives), Zero has to navigate a maze of deception and illusion to find REM curled up in a fetal ball at the heart. He uses the knowledge gained from the images and scenes projected by REM, then confronts the telepath with secrets from his own past. Before he can defeat REM and capture his consciousness, however, Dream himself appears and claims the man's mind and soul for his own study. Zero is kicked out of sleep and learns that REM has fallen into a coma he will never wake from, meaning Team 7's secrets are safe.

created at: 10/19/2012

Hard Travelin' Zeroes

Zero teams up with Green Arrow on a cross country trip as the two superheroes try to stop a group of neo-Nazi mercenary bikers known as the Enemy Aces. Ollie tells Zero that he knows the group has big plans when they reach their destination, and he asks for his help in breaking them up. Starting on the East Coast and then pursuing them across the U.S. to Star City, they prevent a heist at a midwestern casino, fight drug dealers in Nebraska, then find the Aces' base in the Pacific Northwest. 

created at: 10/19/2012

While their numbers have dwindled due to the intervention of both vigilantes, the remaining Aces have a secret weapon waiting for them – their real founder, the Fourth Reich villain Captain Nazi. The fascist superman plans to use drugs and weapons acquired by the Aces during their trip to start a race war across America, but Will and Ollie are there to stop him. After they are both badly hurt during the final showdown, Zero has to pick up and use Green Arrow's bow to stop the Captain from escaping. He is able to pin the man's hand to a crate of explosives which subsequently explodes, leaving no trace of the villain. 

Dino Sore

While visiting Bianca Michaels and the Legionnaires in Empire City, Zero witnesses an attack on the Crucible by a group of cybernetic dinosaurs. The attack turns out to be a distraction from the kidnapping of Titanicus, the team's pet pteranodon. Will helps the group in tracking down the missing thunder lizard, finding a hidden underwater base in Buzzard Bay. The overseer of the base and mastermind behind the plot is none other than the Mole. The mad scientist is breeding an army of technologically-enhanced dinosaurs using a mix of DNA stolen from Dinosaur Island and an assortment of modern devices. 

The Legionnaires save Titanicus from being turned into a controlled minion of the Mole, then destroy the cyber-dino factory. The Mole disappears in a wave of water that rushes through the damaged underwater base, and the team narrowly escapes back to the surface world. 

The Tesseract Contract

During a routine “jump” into the body of one of his European LCD operatives, Zero finds himself diverted to a trap created by the Mirror Master, one of the Flash's Rogue's Gallery. Through a complex system of his strange mirror devices, the villain takes over the body of the LCD agent (a cabbie named Dumas) and attempts to trick the Flash into thinking he is Zero in another guise. While this elaborate plot is going on, Zero tries in vain to free himself from his mirror dimensional prison. 

The Flash susses out the Mirror Master's trick, however, and after a strange trip through the mirror dimension is able to free Zero's consciousness and lock the villain in his own jail. As a result of his time with the Mirror Master in his head, however, Dumas has a flash of memories which are not his own, pointing to a conspiracy larger than one supervillain. A race of extra-dimensional beings is seeking to possess several heads of state at an upcoming conference in Paris, and the Mirror Master had been hired to try and gain access in his LCD disguise. By transferring their bodiless forms into the human hosts, they can become puppet masters of a shadowy world government!

The Flash and Zero team up and protect the world diplomats from their would-be masters, who try to use common mirrors to enter our realm. After a dramatic conclusion in a carnival house of mirrors, they capture the mental energy of the alien invaders and trap it in a single shard of painted glass. 

Snake Men

When a Vietnamese cousin of Mathilda is tricked into a trap laid by human traffickers, Will travels to Southeast Asia in search of the missing girl and her captors. He takes on the guise of an American smuggler and works his way into the confidence of the trafficking ring. Following the clues, he ends up discovering a connection to the Kobra cult, which is using the abducted women and children as servants for high ranking members. 

created at: 10/19/2012

Disgusted by the scenes of desperation, abuse, and cruelty he is witness to, he begins attacking the organization's bases of operations in Indonesia, aided and abetted by a local cop. Despite his disdain for most police, Zero is impressed by the man's drive and genuine empathy for the victims of the trafficking network. The officer, Vu Thao, ends up keeping the American superhero from crossing the line of lethal force after a tense standoff with the head of the traffickers, and Mathilda's cousin is saved and returned to her family. 

Mathilda asks for some time off from the life of an LCD member, moving to Vietnam to meet her relatives and try to help her cousin overcome her trauma. 


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    Nice, good work! I love the hard travelin' zeroes!

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