Lowest Common Denominators 2012

Here are some of Zero's LCD operatives as of 2012:


Baykal: Turkish mercenary, lost son in terrorist attack


Colby: Ex-mobster, informant on the run


Shandra Owiti: Smuggler, pilot, relief worker

Hong Kong

Xiao: Hacker, rare skin condition


Naseem: Opium smuggler, CIA informant


Clover Hill: Ex-Olympic gymnast, MI6 trainer

Los Angeles

Hubert: Hollywood agent, gambler

Ursula: Makeup and effects wizard, grossly obese


Ivanov: Ex-FSB agent, bodyguard

Artyom: Weapons designer, double-amputee

New York City

Astrid: Ex-fortune teller

Bernie: Repairman, chessmaster

Cruz: Ex-cop, private investigator

Devayana: Ex-con, bodgega owner

Fritz: Ex-DEO agent, crazy person

Gogurt: Pawn shop owner, black marketeer with a code

Imelda: Lefty journalist, paralyzed

Maria: Ex-prostitute and junkie, seamstress

Mutt/Mathilda: Multi-lingual translator, sometime girlfriend of Zero

Oscar: Former Wall Street broker turned financial advisor 

Peng: Scholar, Chinese refugee

The Three Wise Men: Jingo, Paddy, and Truck, homeless hermits


Elzire: Art restorer, former forger


Nino Venturini: Catholic priest, expert on exorcism


Kawagichi: Ex-assassin, martial arts instructor

Washington D.C.

Beckett: foreign policy expert, blinded after bombing overseas

Catherine Knox: Ex-model, TV reporter 

Ken Morelli: Mechanic and chaffeur, alcoholic

Lucas Paine: Secret Service agent, former gang member

Nickerson: FBI forensics scientist, germophobe


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  • Tue, Nov 20, 2012

    You should add Artie the Accountant from Earth 23 (Star City) to the LCD!

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