Cast of Characters

This list of characters is current as of Chapter Fifteen

The Reavers of the Fallen City

Davin: human cleric, reincarnation of the White who has forgotten his past, priest of the Cult of the White Will

Hound: wood elf ranger, last of the Free Woodsmen, a clan which used to patrol the Queen's Wood

Katya Vorena: human rogue, immortal assassin serving the Gods of Light, killed by ghostly servants of the Masters of Malbraethyr, reincarnated as Morwen

Malsera: dark elf sorcerer, tortured by the Diabolist as child, saved by Nymor and trained to be Shadow Hunter for Court of Stars 

Morwen Vorena: human fighter, immortal assassin serving the Gods of Light, mercenary soldier

Nero: human wizard, human spell scroll, son of the Lich King, tattooed by the Archmage with a spell to destroy the Lich King


Agar: Representative of the Court of Stars, high elf, inflated self-opinion

Albata: Silver dragon mage

Aurin Dawnstar: Adherent of the Priestess, runs halfway house in Drakkenhall called the Sacred Beggar, priestess of Skywarden who asked for help reclaiming artifact (Phial of Shenstone) from fallen temple of Skywarden in ruins of Highrock

Brenneth: Human mage, servant of the Blue in Drakkenhall

Captain Brugel: Knight of the Crimson Testament, an order serving the Crusader

Captain Danold: Order of Cinders captain, serves Great Gold Wyrm

Eldit: Wood Elf scout for High druid, based in the Saltwood

Eldwor the Wizard: arrogant mage of the Unending Wheel

Elyus: Librarian to the Court of Stars, high elf

Erebel the Shadowmage: shadow mage in the Rookery of Horizon

Frostburn: elder white dragon, helped Gray Wolf destroy the Free Woodsmen, temporary ally of She of the Silky Eye and the Laughing Prisoner, went to Drakkenhall at suggestion of Davin

Glissa: Ice fairy servant of the Court of Stars, messenger

Gray Wolf: wood elf ranger, member of Free Woodsmen, betrayed them after being controlled by She of the Silky Eye, blinded after her death, imprisoned by the elves, freed by Laughing Prisoner, branded and sold into slavery in the Underdark, saved by the party and taken to Horizon for healing

Lord General Osmor: commander of the Army of the South for Dragon Empire

Lucinda Estinys: Agent of the Archmage sent to recover Nero and safely return him to Horizon

Murrah: Cleric of the Gods of Light in Overlook

Marshal Golan: warrior-mage marshal for Dragon Empire

Nadia: Priestess of the god of justice from Concord

Nymor: Dark elf, member of the Triumverate in the Court of Stars

Ruprecht: High priest of the Cult of the White Will in Drakkenhall

Serena: 12 year old wood elf girl, slaved by Say'augh, freed by party, saved by Malsera

Sir Klavin: Knight of the Golden Order, serves Great Gold Wyrm, dragonfighter

Sergeant Sulardy: member of Imperial Lancers who fought at Gorogan's Maw

Thran: Alchemist dwarf from Forge

Soytia the Seer: mentalist, healer at the Medicae in Horizon

Vesqua the Spirit Talker: High Druid mage, spirit talker

Vizier Natit: magician and advisor to king in realm of the south

Yardi: Dark creeper, hired by the party to help them at the Bleak Carnival, negotiated for release of Gray Wolf, escaped riot


Belasher: brother of malsera, killed by the party in Gorogan's Maw

Captain Say'augh: Drow slaver, slain by the party in Malbraethyr

Flarauk the Despised: Black dragon, attacked the Queen's Wood and destroyed villages of Whiteberry and Bremel, slain by the party

The Green: Eldest and most powerful of the Green dragons, imprisoned in dungeons beneath the Court of Stars for crimes against the Elf Queen

Helkeleth: Drow soldier of the Underking, captured by the party, led them to the King's Highway, slain by Katya

Kalrin: Representative of the Three in Drakkenhall, unfriendly to the Reavers and the Cult of the White Will

Kavtar: hobgoblin lieutenant to Gray Wolf and his band of marauders, executed in Koru Bend

Mah Ka: Medusa imprisoned by Su Lek after crimes against his court, freed by Laughing Prisoner, slain by party

Medrochi: blue sorceror, High Magister of school of magic in Drakkenhall, found to be secretly involved with Lich King cult in Drakkenhall, killed by the party

Obelgelmarsh: Two-headed giant who was freed from prison in ruins of Highrock, slain by the party

She of the Silky Eye: Hag who claimed the Crook'd Spire as her home and influenced Gray Wolf on behalf of the Laughing Prisoner

Shennonkenoweth: The Laughing Prisoner, brother to an ancient elf queen who turned against the Court of Stars and was imprisoned in the Crook'd Spire for his crimes when it was found he could not be slain, mastermind behind several plots against the Court of Stars, escaped to the East

Sslursk: Troglodyte slaver, old foe of Hound who lost a hand to him, killed by Hound in Malbraethyr

The Underking: Alias of Torog, the King that Crawls, god of torture and imprisonment, ruler of the Underdark


Feddler Morac: Halfling, owns the Splinterfoot, bar in Koru Bend, racist

Lycergus: Ancient white dragon whose bones were profaned by a cult of the Lich King in Drakkenhall, bones returned to the Ossuary

Ny'hino the Spinner: gnome, fabric mage in Horizon

Su Lek: Ancient elf king, ruled over canyon near Queen's Wood