Desolation of the Dead, Part Three

created at: 04/15/2015


Finn loses his match against the Red Walk ganger, and Vornas Crimson prepares another contest involving a race through the Gantry. A mist descends on the town and begins to animate the corpses in the area, causing dozens to rise and attack. Finn sees the walking dead and faints dead away, leaving Zarkov to protect him as Raevan and Morganta get momentarily lost in the mist. The Warband goes to Endish Manor and rescues Omar Endish as dozens of dead bodies start attacking him and his combat servitors. They break several main supports and cause the entire house to collapse and fall into the sump river. As the Red Walk fights to hold the main walkway against the oncoming horde, the Acolytes go to the sump lift and cut several ratlines to prevent the animated corpses from climbing up to the town that way.

The gang shuts the gate and the town is saved from the undead assault as the mist recedes. Vornas Crimson tells the party that Ferrue Fayne's cult is in a tower further into the sewers underhive. He arranges for them to get a barge and loans them the help of eight members of his gang. The team rests and re-equips. 


The Warband boards the barge and rides it east down the seweage river. They are attacked by some unseen monstrosity beneath the toxic sludge, but they are able to fight it off before it claims anybody on board the boat. Continuing toward some alien-looking ruins within the underhive, they see signs of the Blessed Flesh cult in and around a four-story tower. Morganta steals some body bags and Raevan puts on some cultist attire to pretend to be one of the Nurgle cultists. Morganta and Finn conceal themselves inside of the body bags and Zarkov stays below with the Red Walk gangers to await the others' signal.

Raevan convinces some low-level cult members that he is delivering more bodies for the ritual that Ferrue Fayne is leading on the top level of the tower. He heads upstairs with the other two loaded onto a cart and sees Fayne leading a group of followers while wielding another alien artefact - an obsidian ring he wears on his finger. The Acolytes give the signal for Zarkov and the gangers to attack on the ground level while they ambush Ferrue and the other cultists on the top of the tower. 

Fayne is badly wounded by the concentrated fire of Morganta and Raevan's psychic assault, but while they are able to prevent him from raising the dead in the area, a Herald of Nurgle appears to respond to his ritual spell. It begins slaughtering the cultists and turns its unholy gaze upon the Warband...