The Desoleum Cabal, Part Four

created at: 07/29/2015 


The Arbiter Henricus Schumann chases after the psyker acolyte of Inquisitor Tolzen, but she is able to engulf him in psychic flames, killing him horribly. The party gets locked in brutal combat with the psyker and her allies, cutting them down one-by-one until the majority of them are dead. They are able to reach the central hub of the abandoned station and confront Tolzen, his sole surviving acolyte, and a group of Eldar. Tolzen speaks with the Warband and tells them that the conspiracy is trying to save Desoleum, and he says he'll speak with the others about bringing Nolrah's followers in on the plan. 

He also tells them about a Captain Berchte Claus, an officer of the Involute Cadre who oversees an orbital defense platform over Desoleum known as Valerius' Hammer. He says that he gave the Eldar and artefact in exchange for information on Claus' collaboration with an Eldar assassin who helped her murder her former superior and take his place. The party departs the station and heads back to the Pinions to meet with Inquisitor Nolrah and update him on their findings.