Valerius' Hammer

created at: 07/29/2015


The Acolytes speak with their Inquisitor about what they have learned about the Desoleum Cabal and Inquisitor Tolzen's part in it. They depart and take their shuttle up to Valerius' Hammer, an Involute Cadre orbital defense platform over the planet. The party adopts the guise of a high-ranking officer of the Armageddon Steel Legion, played by Zarkov, and his entourage.

The team pretends to be performing a surprise inspection, and they are shown around the station by Captain Claus' second-in-command, Commander Tector. They meet Claus and see that she reacts suspiciously when they mention rumors of Eldar activity in the area. The Warband take Tector aside and speak with him privately about their suspicions, questioning him about the events leading up to the previous commander's demise.


The party splits up to investigate the incident, finding signs that point to the guilt of Claus. As they are going about their inquiry, they are confronted by some troopers who were clearly sent to dissuade them, but Finn and Morganta scare them off. As they are attempting to head back to the command bridge to confront Claus, Zarkov, Raevan, and Tector discover that someone has locked down access to that level. 

They go to a hangar bay and requisition a shuttle to reach the command bridge via another route. The group finds that the bridge is filled with a poisonous gas and Claus is dead of a self-inflicted laspistol wound. They vent the poison out of the level and get Tector's permission to look in Claus' personal quarters. They find her cogitator and a servoskull, and also take the Eldar-built grenade she apparently used to gas the command bridge. They download some coordinates that Claus had put into the targeting computer pointing at Desoleum Hive. 


The party returns to Desoleum Hive to meet with Nolrah and deliver the evidence they found. Morganta gets a note from Darza about some issues within the Painted Throng gang, and he sends her a response to meet him at Ludmilla's Den later. The group and Nolrah put together clues indicating that the prophectic passages from the Pansophy of Orcha directly relate to their findings, particularly those related to the coordinates, which point to the base of the Spine, an ancient xeno structure that runs through the center of their hive. 

The meeting is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Captain Panatella, a scarred female Inquisitor, and many Sanctionaries. The group decides to make a break for it, escaping to Nolrah's hidden skimmer. They fly down from the upper reaches of the Hive down to the mid-level, evading the Sanctionary pursuit vehicles and accidentally causing the deaths of many nobles attending a party on a dirigible pleasure barge. They reach a back alley behind Ludmilla's Den, now on the run from the Inquisitor and the Sanctionaries.