Episode XII - The Sun's Apex

 created at: 09/14/2015

The Imperial maximum security prison at KORFUS holds some of the Outer Rim's most notorious and dangerous criminals. When they finish paying their debt to society, those who survive their stay there board a shuttle to an orbital defense station. From there, they return to the larger galaxy and reunite with any who remember them. 

One such reunion is about to take place as the weekly prison shuttle departs the desolate surface of Korfus...

Gait Fortaa, brother of dead outlaw Sham Fortaa, is met by a group of friends and family at the Korfus orbital station after his release from prison. His son Kom and daughter Lalen have made names for themselves as brutal outlaws, and his best friend Zoryn Yaral is an infamous smuggler who works around the Outer Rim. They all agree to join Gait as he decides to head to Aphelion and get revenge on Marshal Saldo, the lawman in Cobalt City. 

On Aphelion, Saldo gets word of Gait's release and realizes that the man is likely to come looking for him. He goes to the Thirsty Bantha cantina and convinces the heroes to join him as members of a posse he is forming. The Fortaa Gang will be arriving around noon local time, and they only have a few hours to prepare. They split up to go find help from some of the other locals. 

Arion manages to get the promise of aid from the Zomba via Chief Khras, who says it may take a while for his braves to show up at Cobalt City. Miernin learns that Gait is a favorite of Jabba the Hutt, and therefore she can unfortunately not act against him. Kaz visits the spaceport and identifies the likely freighter which will be carrying the Fortaa Gang and its arrival time. Redeye goes to check in with Mayor Tharen and see if she can help. 

Zena Tharen chats with the former CIS droid about Gait Fortaa and his past serving with an infamous Redblade Squadron, a band of privateers who terrorized the Separatist worlds during the Clone Wars. One of his more terrible deeds was marching a group of colonists over the rim of an active volcano on the planet Obas. She tells Redeye to see to it that none of the Fortaa Gang survives their visit to Aphelion, no matter what Saldo plans to do with them. 

Unknown to the Mayor, Kaz eavesdrops on their conversation after returning from the spaceport, and he hears the most important details of their plot. When Redeye exits the office, Kaz talks to him about he chat with Tharen, telling him that he will agree to keep it a secret in exchange for some credits. Redeye pays him from the credits he's gotten from Zena. 

The group meets up again with Saldo and learn that the Marshal has had no luck convincing Kandria Vane to assist them. They have a lead on a third party who may be willing to back them up in exchange for some money - a bounty hunter named Traina. She agrees to help them, and the posse heads down to the tarmac to meet Gait Fortaa and his friends as they touch down on Aphelion. 

A tense confrontation follows as Kaz and Traina place themselves in hiding places overlooking the spaceport. After exchanging some words, Gait lets it drop that he has a group of hired thugs already in Cobalt City, and he's given them the order to set fire to the place no matter what happens to himself or Saldo...