Episode XIV - Mission of Mercy

created at: 10/29/2015

A mysterious illness has begun to affect the people of COBALT CITY, resulting in a settlement-wide medical crisis. Desperate for supplies to stem the tide of the unidentified sickness, DOC LORN hopes that his request for aid will reach the Imperial garrison on the far side of APHELION...

The heroes learn that the Imperial transport has not arrived at the expected time and Doc Lorn asks them to go out in search of it. They agree and travel out from the settlement and search the wilderness where the missing supplies are suspected to be. They find the wreckage of an Old Republic spaceship and then locate the crashed Imperial transport. The medical supplies are still intact, but the Imperial doctor is missing. After fleeing from a horde of poisonous lizard creatures, they track down the doctor hiding up a tree, hiding from some other jungle predators. 

The team scares off the beasts and is able to save Dr. Wavecaller, delivering him and the repaired transport full of supplies to Cobalt City. Wavecaller and Lorn are able to stop the spread of the mysterious disease, and they identify it as Biernin's Plague, an ancient strain of the infamous Rakghoul Plague.