Episode XV - Buried Malice

created at: 10/29/2015

The citizens of COBALT CITY have escaped  infection by the dreaded RAKGHOUL PLAGUE.  The timely aid of an Imperial doctor and  much-needed medical supplies have saved  thousands, but the source of the disease's  spread remains unknown.

Determined to locate the  cause and prevent future  epidemics, the heroic co-owners of the THIRSTY  BANTHA begin an inquiry that will  take them deep  beneath the jungles of  Aphelion....

Following clues to the source of the Plague outbreak, the party travels to a ruin of an old scientific facility which had been visited by a scientific expedition guided by the Zomba scout Yarva. Accompanied by Imperial soldiers in their search, they delve into the ancient lab and find that it is being guarded by still-functional security droids. They fight past a force of droids and find their way down into the bowels of the building, evading some traps prepared by the overseer AI. 

The group is able to gain access to the computer systems and find that the place had once been a secret Sith lab developing a new version of the Rakghoul Plague. A Jedi Knight had located it and died defeating the mad scientist behind the research, but not before they programmed the AI to keep its deadly secrets contained. After conferring with the AI, the heroes decide to keep the Imperial unit from taking any samples from the lab back to their masters. 

The entire group escapes as the AI self-destructs, taking the lab and its deadly contents with it.