Episode XVI - Blue Rock Fever

created at: 10/29/2015

The co-owners of the Thirsty Bantha get word of an emergency situation developing at a dig site at the base of the Cobalt Plateau. A crew of Chromitec miners have uncovered a new vein of the rare and valuable ionized chromite mineral, but a collapse in the tunnels has cut them off from escape. Chromitec's droids have been unable to dig them out due to the ionizing properties of the rocks, so the heroes volunteer to go down and help. 

The crew meet up with Marv Moray, the foreman at the site, but IG-OR comes and takes over organizing the rescue effort. The team gets some gear to aid their descent and they head down below, seeking the lost workers. After reaching the tunnels they evade the collapse of a mining drill overhead, which ends up closing off their initial avenue out. They navigate the dangerous terrain in the mine, crossing a dark pit and finding the main chamber where the ionized chromite was discovered. They meet with Gar Feles and several other trapped miners, then start looking for a way out. 

Arion experiences visions of a dark force user wielding a lightsaber as he is in the chamber, but cannot discern their source. The group is able to find a way out on another section of the plateau, and they are hailed as heroes for rescuing the Chromitec workers.

Gar Feles brings Kaz into the Mining Guild as "Chief Technician" and says he and the other miners hope to negotiate for better contracts with their employer, Kandria Vane.