Episode XVII - Hand in Hand

created at: 10/29/2015

Workers from CHROMITEC have uncovered a vein of precious ionized chromite below the Cobalt Plateau. As the mineral cannot be mined by droids, the Mining Guild hoped to negotiate for better treatment by the corporation. 

After hours of talks between both sides, however, word begins to spread of a possible strike...

Transports land at Cobalt City and unload a large number of alien workers, and word gets out that they are intended to be replacement workers if the local Mining Guild goes on strike. This ends up pushing the Guild into voting to do so anyways, and Gar Feles asks for Thirsty Bantha Enterprises to join their cause. They agree, but are also later approached by IG-OR about meeting with Kandria Vane for another job opportunity. Kuna Typhe, the cantina's cook, wants to join his former comrades in their strike, and Miletta wants to join her boyfriend Marv Moray at the miner's camp. 

The crew talks to Pepper on behalf of Gar about getting an organizer from the galactic Mining Guild to come and help out. They also carefully consider how to navigate the situation to avoid any outbreaks of violence between the company and the striking workers, given the tensions involved and the parties in charge. They manage to get Gar's promise to avoid responding to the scabs or the corporate security forces with brute force, at least for a while, and he suggests that they talk to Vane about keeping the scab workers separated from the settlement and miners. He asks that they keep an eye on Chromitec and the scabs to keep them honest.

The party meets with the boss lady at her sprawling estate, and she offers to hire them to provide security for her company and the alien worker crews. She agrees to set up a separate camp below the plateau for the scabs, and they chat over a possible financial agreement between TBE and Kandria if no violence breaks out at all. 

Before they end their discussion, however, a window shatters and a live thermal detonator lands inside the room!