Episode XXXII - Old Wounds

The team meets Tor Haido at the D-13 factory near Jorra’s spaceport. They talk to the middle-aged Neimoidian as suspicious swoop gangers circle around the facility, asking Tor about his association with Suljo Warde. Haido explains that he is worried about being tied to the unpopular Jedi General, but he agrees to tell the Rebels about what he knows in a more secure part of the factory.

Haido says that he met Warde when the Jedi came to him and asked him to be an informant on Separatist cells working in Jorra during the siege. Wishing to gain a Jedi ally despite not caring for either the Republic or CIS, Haido did as requested and was able to help Warde root out several spies working for the Separatists over the following months. Over time Warde became more suspicious and began arresting citizens without evidence, apparently relying on his instincts rather than proof. Later on a secret meeting was held between a group of Separatist diplomats and representatives of the Republic in an attempt to sign a cease fire treaty. Haido was not present but he heard that the meeting devolved into a battle and only Warde escaped alive, departing from Cato Neimoidia on his personal starfighter.

Haido says that he never got to deliver his final tip regarding a Separatist spy named N’got, and in the years that followed he tried to lay low and avoid letting people discover his work for the infamous Warde. When pressed for what he has heard about the location of the secret cease fire talks, Haido says that he has heard that they happened at Sankar Palace, a large structure in the underside of Jorra. The Rebels plan on going there later to investigate.

The swoop gang members begin riding their speeders into the factory, firing stun blasts at the workers and clearly attempting to find Tor Haido. The Rebels help Haido to escape the factory and elude the Crimson Kreehawks swoop gang, utilizing some back ways out of the building. Kentas spots some high quality first aid kits in two crates, and he suggests the party acquire them for the Rebellion. Tyren calls on the Force to levitate the boxes over to them and they carry the crates out of the place as they flee.

The team drops the first aid kits off at their borrowed YT-2400 freighter, then set out for the largely abandoned undercity, taking their two speeder bikes with them for transport. Descending into Sankar Palace and exploring it for signs of what happened there, the team is tailed by a group of still-active Separatist Commando Droids. Kentas spots the ambush right before they attack and the Rebels fight for their lives against the advanced battle droids near the wreckage of a crashed starfighter which had broken into the side of the rickety old building during the Clone Wars. They fight off the droids and continue their descent, nearing an area that feels strong in the dark side of the Force.

Before they can enter the meeting chambers near the bottom-most level of the palace, the Rebels confront a deadly droideka droid equipped with automatic blaster cannons and a force field. After failing to hurt the droideka with their blasters or lightsaber, the heroes are able to break the floor beneath the heavy droid and cause it to tumble down into the misty canyon far below Jorra.

Entering a once luxurious meeting chamber, the Rebel agents can all sense that a past tragedy occurred there. Bodies of clonetroopers, diplomats, and battle droids litter the floor, still lying where they died in a surprise attack. Examining the dead, the team determines that many of those slain were struck down by a lightsaber. Kentas finds the body of a Republic pilot whose insignia corresponds to the squadron Tyren’s father belonged to during the Clone Wars. He tells Tyren and the former padawan examines the corpse, discovering a distinctive ring on its finger that he remembers belonged to his dad. Realizing that he has unexpectedly found the body of his fallen father, Tyren mourns the discovery and takes the ring.

Kentas locates the body of a Jedi knight lying on a nearby balcony, also killed by a blow from a lightsaber. The knight’s own weapon is nearby, bisected but still bearing a working gemstone. In one hand the corpse holds the missing khyber crystal belonging to Warde’s holocron. Kentas takes the items and presents them to the grieving Tyren, explaining what he discovered. The Rebels set about making a funeral pyre for the corpses of the dead, including Tyren’s father. Tyren sets the pyre alight and they pay their respects as the flames engulf it.

Shaken by their discovery, the team heads back to their freighter’s docking pad, discovering that there are some Neimoidians waiting for them nearby. They approach the strangers and discover that they are some Kreehawk gang members and the infamous ganglord Onrein Hasar, the leader of the Whitescar Syndicate. Hasar bears many scars and cybernetic replacements for missing limbs, and she confronts the team about their interest in Suljo Warde.

Talking with Hasar about their search, the Rebels learn that she was present at the ill-fated cease fire talks and was nearly killed when Warde suddenly leapt up and began cutting down Separatists with his lightsaber. While her comrades were all instantly slain, she survived her wounds and briefly witnessed Warde fighting his Jedi friends before she fell unconscious. She was rescued by some loyal battle droids and had to spend a year being healed and having lost limbs and organs replaced by cybernetic enhancements.

While Onrein suspected that Warde was becoming overly paranoid before the events at the secret meeting, she didn’t have an explanation for why he suddenly went berserk. She does say that she wants to know what the team discovers about his ultimate fate, saying that if he still lives she wants to help put an end to his life. She gives them contact information for reaching her over the holonet should they learn if Warde is dead or alive, then departs.

The Rebels board the freighter and meet Too’kik, Kentas’ Jawa co-pilot, who tells them they have a priority message awaiting them from Stiletto Base. Going to the ship lounge, they watch the recorded message from Major Sturjon, who informs them that they have gotten intel on a possible event happening on Jaminere involving Venom Squadron and Lord Verpalion, the Imperial Advisor. Sturjon gives them orders to return to Stiletto and help plan an operation targeting the Empire Day festivities.

Before they return to Dravione, however, the party takes some time to place the khyber crystal in Warde’s holocron and find out what happened in Jorra. They learn from the gatekeeper that Warde had grown impatient with the need for evidence in locating enemy saboteurs, feeling that his visions granted by the Force were proof enough of potential guilt. When he saw signs of a disaster for the Republic occurring after the cease fire talks, he decided to take matters into his own hands, attacking the Separatists pre-emptively - and ironically bringing about the disaster he had sought to prevent. Killing his two Jedi comrades and suffering a nearly mortal wound, he had escaped to his starfighter and plotted coordinates for the mysterious world of Moraband. Tyren’s father was among the victims of Warde’s reckless attack, having been there as part of his duties as a Republic pilot.

The gatekeeper is deeply disturbed by the discovery, and he says that while Warde is likely dead, the team should still try to find Moraband and recover the third and final khyber crystal. While Warde’s story is tragic, the gatekeeper feels that it could prove instructive as a warning to those who attempt to divine fate through the Force. He says he will offer help in trying to locate Moraband when the Rebels decide to continue their search.

During the trip back to their headquarters in the Allied Tion Sector, the crew all experience strange nightmares in which they experience visions of darkness and hear the voice of Quiet Eye, the Voss mystic they met on Jaminere. Each sees distinct images related to their own fears and sins, and Quiet Eye advises them with the same message:

“A time of crisis approaches. A flame will begin at the pinnacle of a tower which shall threaten many lives, and it remains to be seen who shall survive the fire.”