Episode XXXIII - Prelude to Battle

The heroes return to Dravione after being summoned for a briefing on an upcoming operation. Kentas and Too’kik are dismayed to learn that the Lost Fortune has not had its repairs finished yet, due to a shortage of materials. They decide to scout around the base to find what is needed, and Kentas talks to Captain Aneta Isret of the Gray Talons, offering her some of the wood from Arbooine when he learns she has some valuable metals among her gang’s loot. Too’kik’s savings are used to get the resources needed and he starts fixing up the Fortune. He is unable to replace some of the internal parts damaged in the dogfight with the Imperial Phantom fighters, but he does amp up the force field generator and improve some of the armor placement on the freighter.

Var’ath goes to see his father and meets Reom from Iso-Tech, who is visiting the base to do business with the Alliance. Reom says that Cratala, an Arkanian cybersurgeon, has done some work on Belg’ath’s voice-box replacement cybernetics. Var’ath finds that his father is recovering from the latest surgery to install the newer device, then walks him around the base to get him some exercise.

Tyren goes to see Corwin Shelvay, and he finds him meditating with Solimon Dambrizzi and Janildakara. Corwin welcomes Tyren to join the circle and the ex-Padawan tells the elder force-user about his adventures trailing Suljo Warde, including the discovery of Warde’s dark deeds and his father’s fate. Corwin notes that he expects a confrontation with High Inquisitor Tremayne, a former Jedi student who turned against the order to work for the Emperor. The two have fought before and he has had a premonition of confronting Tremayne again in the coming Jaminere operation. He feels it likely that Tremayne will have his own acolytes to aid him, including Abela Trinh.

Shelvay says that he would like Tyren’s help in training Solimon and Janildakara to fight the lightsaber techniques of the Inquisitors, and he and Corwin walk through the basic maneuvers in a training duel.

Kentas, Var’ath, and Tyren meet with the sector’s commanding officers in the base’s command and control center. General Yure, Major Sturjon, Commander Starmac and Captain Higgs discuss the upcoming Empire Day celebration the Imperial forces have prepared on Jaminere. They say that Captain Massu of the Imperial Army has tipped them off that Venom Squadron will be in orbit over the planet as part of the event. There will also be several important VIPs attending, observing the parade and fireworks from a Brulia skyhook.

The team help plan a surprise attack targeting the Maledictor, the Secutor-class cruiser that is Venom’s flagship.

Current plan:

  • The party will slice into shipping records at the supply base they have already tricked into believing they serve Lord Verpalion, the Imperial Advisor. They will then sneak into a container to be sent to the Brulia skyhook, bringing along a device Iso-Tech has devised to scramble Imperial comms and their advanced PERCEPTOR detection system. 
  • On the surface of Jaminere, Min Cho and a cell of Parthak resistance fighters will hijack an imperial comm relay and try to lure Imperial forces away from the defense of the skyhook.
  • Rebel SpecForces Marines will assault an Interdictor cruiser in an attempt to disable it.
  • Once they have disabled the enemy communications and PERCEPTOR, the Rebel fleet will jump in and attack the Maledictor with bombing runs and starfighters. 
  • After the surprise attack has done sufficient damage to the flagship and its fighter squadrons, the SpecOps team will escape the skyhook aboard a stolen vehicle and join the rest of the Rebel force in hyperjumping away.