Episode XXXV - Lighting the Fuse

Var’ath tries to cover for himself by using a sound effect generator to mime a jokey series of noises annoying Deera and causing her to turn her attention elsewhere. Propaganda officer tells him to leave the party immediately.
Team confronts Imperial officers in comms tower, Imperial double agent Rix Kiloean tells Abela Trinh, Rix Kiloean is KO’d, Vector Team (disguised as Stormtroopers) joins party in comms tower, the IsoTech scrambler is activated and Rebel fleet arrives to initiate attack.
An’ath has vision of Quiet Eye being tortured by Inquisitor on the Maledictor.
Tyren stays with Vector on comms tower to keep scrambler active
Kentas takes TIE Defender, rest take imperial assault shuttle
TIEs convinced that assault shuttle is damaged and escort it to Maledictor, Kentas flies to help Lost Squadron and Stiletto Squadron during attack run on Maledictor. An’ath and Var’ath crash into the hangar. Kentas clears out TIEs attacking Lost Squadron.
Dyuns go to rescue Quiet Eye, meet Inquisitor Tremayne and Abela Trinh, An’ath kills Trinh under Tremayne’s influence, Dyuns and Quiet Eye exit room.
Battle developments: PERCEPTOR and Imperial Comms disabled, Imperial Navy taken by surprise, Gray Talon pirates betray the Rebellion at start of ambush, Marines take out the Interdictor, stine on skyhook breaks off and crashes into a TIE fighter squadron, General Yure is critically injured by explosion on Rebel cruiser