Episode XXXVI - Fire Among the Stars

Battle rages over JAMINERE as forces of the REBEL ALLIANCE clash with the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE.

Fighting for the fate of the the Allied Tion Sector, brave Rebel fighters have launched a daring Empire Day attack on the Imperial fleet codenamed VENOM SQUADRON, targeting the flagship MALEDICTOR with a mixed fleet of privateers, Alliance starfighters, and capital ships. The heroes of Task Force Krill have successfully sabotaged the communications and sensor systems of the Empire, helping to catch their foes off-guard.

In the midst of their assault, the traitorous pirates of the Grey Talon gang have turned on the other freebooters and their Rebel comrades. General Mari Yure has been critically injured by an explosion aboard her command ship, but the Rebels have still managed to inflict serious losses upon the scattered Imperial starfighters. Stealing a prototype Imperial TIE fighter, Kentas Jamiro has provided crucial defense for the Alliance bombers targeting Maledictor, giving them time to continue their attack run.

Meanwhile, An’ath and Var’ath Dyun have boarded the Maledictor in order to rescue the captive Voss mystic Quiet Eye from the clutches of the nefarious Inquisitor Tremayne. Confronting their former friend Abela Trinh in personal combat, An’ath has called upon the dark side to help her crush the brainwashed Imperial acolyte. Now she and her brother must get her mentor off of the Imperial flagship as the fight continues….

The Rebel Space Marines are able to sabotage the Imperial Interdictor cruiser, blowing it up as the battle rages on above Jaminere. 

Kentas' cousin, Commander Delin Angard, joins the space battle aboard his own TIE Defender starfighter. He engages Jac Higgs and Stiletto Squadron in a dogfight, ultimately destroying Higgs' fighter as he tries to cover the bombers attacking the Maledictor. Kentas' Defender is temporarily disabled by Angard's ion cannons, but he is able to repair the ship and get it flying again. 

An'ath, Var'ath, and Quiet Eye sneak past the Imperial forces on the Secutor-Class Star Destroyer, escaping from the Maledictor aboard an Imperial Shuttle craft. They join Kentas in helping support the Rebel's Nebulon-B flagship, which is able to destroy the Imperial Nebulon-B capital ship that is enaging it and several Rebel corvettes. Kentas continues enaging Angard around the battle, but despite the best efforts of Lost Squadron, Stiletto Squadron suffers severe casualties and is unable to destroy the Maledictor before it makes the jump to lightspeed. 

Major Sturjon, standing in for the wounded General Yure, calls for the Alliance to retreat from the battle, now that their chief objective has been failed. The heroes fly to the Brulia Skyhook to assist the SpecForces unit that is now attempting to escape the Imperial assault. An'ath and Var'ath use their shuttle to shoot at an Imperial AT-ST and accidentally damage the gravity controls in the hangar bay, causing the fighters to float around. Escorting the captive Lord Advisor Verpalion, Vector Team and Tyren escape from the skyhook, and the heroes help cover their escape with the remnant of Stiletto Squadron under Kentas' command. 

Returning to Stiletto Base, the Rebels begin dismantling their headquarters in the Allied Tion Sector. While they failed to destroy the flagship of Venom Squadron, they still inflicted severe casualties on the enemy fleet and dealt an embarassing blow to Imperial morale. They also have the captive Lord Verpalion, former Advisor to the Emperor, causing unrest and dischord in the Imperial ranks. Now they have to escape the inevitable Imperial response and relocate to a new command post. 

An'ath and Var'ath get help from Cratala to save the seriously wounded General Yure, and Quiet Eye is also given medical care for her torment by Inquisitor Tremayne. Kentas speaks with Too'kik about the battle, and the Jawa displays affection for his co-pilot and business partner, relieved that they have both survived the massive conflict. 

While the battle for the Allied Tion Sector is still a stalemate, the resistance forces on Jaminere have been emboldened, and the Imperial command of the sector undergoes major changes as a result of the embarassing Empire Day attack. Rebel double-agent Massu becomes General of the sector's Army forces, and Venom Squadron's presence in the region is diminished. 

The privateer allies the Rebels earned have suffered heavy losses, with the Void Wings essentially being destroyed in their fight with the traitors from the Gray Talon gang - the captains of both groups were lost in the Battle of Jaminere, and Nym's Lok Revanants return to their home base elsewhere in the galaxy. 

Reporting in to Major Sturjon and Commander Starmac, the team learn that they have all been promoted and are to receive a variety of Alliance honors in a ceremony taking place before their re-assignment. After acquiring medals and their new ranks in the Rebel Alliance, they prepare to head to their new posting - at the Rebellion's main HQ on the snow planet Hoth....