Episode XXXVII - Passing the Torch

The heroes of the Allied Tion Sector have dealt a significant blow for freedom against the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE during the Battle of Jaminere.

The strength of the Imperial sector fleet has been significantly weakened and their leadership is in disarray after the capture of the nefarious LORD ADVISOR VERPALION. The war against tyranny is far from over, however, and their enemy remains an overwhelming force which now hunts them across the galaxy.

As Task Force Krill comes to its end and Stiletto Base is dismantled, the crew of the LOST FORTUNE are reassigned to a new and prestigious post - ECHO BASE, the secret headquarters of the REBEL ALLIANCE….

The Lost Fortune lands on the remote ice planet Hoth, location of the secret headquarters of the Rebel Alliance. They are met by a Rebel protocol droid who gives them a brief tour of Echo Base, noting that the base commander would like to meet them once they are settled in. The Twi’leks spend some time in the Tauntaun pen, getting to know the smelly beasts which are used by the Alliance as mounts in the freezing outdoors. Kentas goes off by himself to find the officer’s quarters he’s been assigned, looking around the corridors carved out of an ice cave. The group goes to the command and control center together and are introduced to General Rieekan, the ranking officer.

After a brief chat about their deeds in the Allied Tion Sector, Rieekan asks the SpecOps unit to investigate a suspicious distress signal coming from the vicinity of Jhas, a gas giant in the Hoth system. The team heads back out aboard the Lost Fortune to look into the source of the signal and to do what they can to protect the Rebel base from discovery.

Kentas expertly navigates the asteroid belt separating Hoth from the other planets in its system, then brings the Fortune into orbit over Jhas. Tracking the distress beacon to its source, they find a custom-fitted freighter that is floating in space, its systems powered down save for the distress signal. Putting on vacc suits and docking with the other spacecraft, the team boards and examines the ship. After a search of the cargo bay and cockpit, the crew ascertains that the ship belongs to a Gand findsman (bounty hunter) who is carrying a Gran bounty frozen in carbonite. The Gand is still alive, having entered a trance-like state after his ship was damaged by the asteroid field.

Tyren discovers that the Gand has a datapad with a list of high value bounty targets, learning that the Whitescar Syndicate is looking for him. Reading the log entries, the Rebels figure out that the Gran bounty in the cargo hold was to be delivered to agents of Jabba the Hutt, apparently as a result of him embezzling credits from the Desilijic kajidic.

Finding a small camp on a moon of Jhas, they determine that the Gran was hiding out on the planetoid when the Gand bounty hunter found and captured him. Var’ath gathers some herbs to help with healing, but he pricks a finger on a toxic plant’s thorn, causing him to fall in a seizure. The team has to pick up the Twi’lek agent and escape the moon aboard the Fortune when a dangerous storm approaches.

The team decides to repair the damage to the bounty hunter’s vessel and give him enough healing so that he can eventually recover on his own. They then free the Gran accountant who was in the carbonite block, taking him with them as they look for a place to drop him off. Looking for a nearby world where a fugitive might be able to hide out, they decide to go to the nearby planet Bespin, home to Cloud City.

Setting up a false transponder signal and wearing disguises to avoid being recognized - the crew’s last visit involved them fleeing from the city’s security forces - the team takes the Gran to Port Town, a shady part of the floating settlement that should serve well for hiding the accountant. Var’ath and An’ath take a tour of Cloud City’s more elite districts, and the former thief reminisces about the heist of the Jewel of Yavin and the various personages he met.

With their fugitive safely ensconced in a Port Town flophouse, the Rebels head back to the Lost Fortune and take off, heading back to Hoth to report on their successful mission. As they fly away from Cloud City, a shady Neimoidian reports on their departure to some unknown master.

Meanwhile, Tyren receives a message from his friend, the ex-Padawan Corwin Shelvay. Shelvay informs the would-be Jedi that he has uncovered coordinates for the world Moraband, last known hiding place of Suljo Warde, his father’s murderer….