Episode XXXVIII - Friends Like These

The Imperial Starfleet enforces the will of the Emperor throughout the galaxy, crushing resistance wherever it is found. An Imperial captain, driven by secret agendas, leads an unsanctioned mission to destroy the neutral shipyards of Xorrn in the FERRA SECTOR.

To save the innocent people of Xorrn, heroes must gather the most unlikely of allies. With friends like these, they must hold out against the Galactic Empire until the Rebel Armada arrives....


The team reports back to General Rieekan about the success of their mission elsewhere in the system. They receive the commander's thanks and are then told that there is a new assignment for them at Ferra Sector, leaving them little time to rest or relax. The operation involves the defense of a remote neutral shipyard on the planet Xorrn, site of a vital foundry that they Rebellion has been using for refitting their ships. Pooling their allies from Lost Squadron and the SpecForces troopers from Vector Team, they board the Lost Fortune and lift off from the Echo Base hangar. 

As the team departs from the Rebel HQ, they spot Princess Leia talking to some fellow soldiers in the hangar. She salutes the Fortune and they salute back, saying farewell to the inspiring leader as they head to their next mission. 

Arriving at Xorrn, the team flies through an orbital debris field and passes a ship repair dock concealed inside of the wreck of a floating Acclamator-class cruiser from the Clone Wars era. They transmit a handshake code they were given and are told to approach the dusty planet surface, landing inside of an open shaft leading down to a landing pad. The group depart their freighter and meet with representatives of the leadership of the Xorrn shipyard - Cacique Kal Coorsa, leader of the local Clan Assembly, Lila Hardin, an ex-Imperial engineer, and Security Chief Bellows, an older man who runs security for the facility. 

Coorsa, Hardin, and Bellows escort the Rebels to a meeting in a conference room where the patricians of the Clan Aseembly are waiting. Coorsa and two unseen representatives of Rebel Intelligence and the Zann Consortium communicate via holocall, briefing the room full of people on the situation. Rebel Intel explains that a double-agent in the Imperial Navy tipped him off to a planned attack on Xorrn being overseen by the ambitious Captain Nervi. While the Rebellion plans to send a force of ships to help defend Xorrn, they will not be able to reach Ferra Sector until some hours into the Empire's arrival. 

As Nervi is acting on his own without the full awareness or support of the rest of the Imperial Fleet, it is hoped that the Rebel agents can help the locals hold out - but they will need to help the mostly unarmed Xorrn citizens prepare their defenses and recruit allies to aid them. While the Empire is not expected to reinforce Nervi, his force will still greatly outnumber the defenders. 

The team asks the reps of Zann Consortium and Rebel Intelligence some questions, getting a datapad detailing some facts on Nervi's history and personality. They also are told that they will be authoritized to offer a number of resources from Xorrn, the Rebel Alliance, and Zann Consortium to potential allies. 

Touring the facilities of the main factory with Chief Bellows, the Rebels start plotting some defenses for the coming assault. These include moving some completed turbolasers to the surface of the planet and into orbit, prepping some false intelligence to feed Nervi's paranoia, and modifying some skimmer droids used in the foundry to act as defense units. 

The party also checks in on Bellow's security offices, seeing a group of prisoners in lockup. Var'ath recognizes a Deveronian enforcer he knew back when he was a student of the thief Nool Toram, Logran Idrik. He convinces Idrik and a couple of other prisoners to help the defenders in exchange for their freedom. 

An'ath gets some more false intel prepped to indicate that her brother (an infamous criminal and Rebel operative) is on Xorrn and located in a specific spot in the factory - one where they can set a trap. Kentas holocalls the pirate captain Nym of the Lok Revenants, but he is not available to help. He does however, say that he knows a local pirate named Skahvi Renlow, and to mention that he says the Rebels are trustworthy. 

With forty-four hours left to the expected arrival of Nervi's attack force, the Rebels turn their attention to leaving the planet surface and check in on Renlow....