Episode XXXIX - The Search for Allies

The neutral shipyards of Xorrn in the FERRA SECTOR are under the threat of destruction by the ambitious Captain Nervi of the Imperial Navy. As representatives of the Rebel Alliance, the famed crew of the Lost Fortune has begun making preparations to try and defend the innocent people who call Xorrn home. Reviewing the defenses already in place, they have directed the fortification of the factories on the planet surface.

With fewer than two days remaining until Nervi’s assault begins, they must now look to other locations in the Sector to find allies to help hold the line until the Rebel Armada can come to their rescue….



The Rebels meet with Captain Renlow at the orbital refit dock concealed inside of the Acclamator cruiser wreck over Xorrn. The pirate is in no mood to stick around for the coming attack, so he is rushing some construction droids to finish refitting his ship, the Icarii VII. An'ath reads his surface thoughts with the Force and tries to help Kentas, Var'ath, and Tyren in convincing the outlaw to help them in the coming battle. While Renlow says he's not going to stick around, he does say that he'll be transporting some refugees away from Xorrn aboard the Icarri VII. After the Rebels try to negotiate for his participation, he reluctantly agrees to loan the assistance of six pirates from his crew. 

Renlow also tips the Rebels off on two possible allies located in the nearby area of Ferra Sector; a band of Mandalorians mercs from Clan Boreya, located on the planet Vlemoth Port, and a Zygerrian slaver clan located on the world Kowak.

The team departs aboard their YT-1300 light freighter, making arrangements through Renlow to set up a meet with the Mandalorians on Vlemoth Port. 

Arriving at the mountainous planet the Lost Fortune lands at Vlemoth Station, a rickety old tower converted into a starport. They are forced to wait an hour for landing clearance and Kentas' attempts to bribe the official are rebuffed on the comms. Docking in Hangar 9 as per the official's instruction, they head down a few levels to go to Hangar 13, the planned site of their meeting with their Mandalorian contact. 

The team meets a reedy mercenary in Mando armor named Kad Solus, waiting near his silvery shuttlecraft. Before they can talk business, however, a third party arrives - a group of Weequay and Klatoonian enforcers working for the gangster Teemo the Hutt. Despite their best efforts to negotiate with the thugs - who have been sent to collect 20,000 from Solus - they are forced to join Kad in defending themselves from the gunmen's onslaught. 

After a messy battle in the hangar bay amid a maze of cargo containers, the team knocks out the lead Weequay (Ak Mal) and kills or stuns the majority of the thugs backing him up. Departing the trashed hangar bay aboard Solus' shuttle, they fly to the Mandalorian camp located beneath a snowy mountain peak. 

The team follows Kad to one of the large domed huts that make up the encampment. He then explains that the clan leader, Vera Boreya, is currently in a meeting with another client for a big job. Telling the Rebels they'll have to wait, he starts to head off to join the meeting when they begin asking him to do what he can to reduce their wait time. An'ath ultimately pays him 5,000 credits to intercede on their behalf with Vera, but he makes no promises that he can speed up negotiations. 

Left to their own devices in the Mandalorian camp, the team starts checking out the place and the activities of the mercenaries. Kentas heads back to the ship to make another holocall, this time chatting with the head of IsoTech; their business partner Reom. Reom agrees to forward 15,000 credits to a private account that the team can use to pay the mercenaries, and Kentas promises full access to the factories on Xorrn. Kentas apologizes for what he sees as past failures, but Reom reminds him how far they have both come and how he owes his life to the Correllian captain. 

Meanwhile, Var'ath manages to snoop on some intel related to the big job the Boreya mercs are prepping for, but he is spotted by an irksome and xenophobic Mandalorian. He gets punched in the face for his nosiness, and An'ath quickly arrives to defend her brother and get the merc and his friend to back down. 

Tyren is observing the confrontation from a distance when he notices some Mandalorians and Talz aliens moving away from the camp, equipped for a long trip in the snow. The Rebels ask what the group is planning, and they are told that the expedition is setting out to find some missing youths who had left the camp for the mountains above as part of a training exercise. The group has not returned in the week since, and the hunters explain that they are going out in search of the missing children. Tyren and Var'ath volunteer to join the expedition in its quest while Kentas and An'ath agree to stick around to meet with Vera if their appointed conference starts. 

Taking the Lost Fortune into the heights of the snowy mountains and following a search pattern around the suspected site of the missing youths' camp, the expedition eventually finds what appears to be an old campfire in the white drifts below. Landing the ship as the blizzard intensifies, the seekers pursue some tracks in the snow across the icy valley. Exhausted and freezing in the snowy weather, Var'ath becomes snowblind and loses track of the others near a large ravine. Tyren realizes that his Twi'lek friend his missing and goes back to find him, aided by a native Talz from the local Gnaaz tribe who have allied with the Boreya Clan. 

The trio manage to meet up and work their way back to the ravine, but Var'ath and the Talz have to take a very slow walk along a slippery ledge to get to the other side. Tyren makes the crossing in a moment with the aid of a Force leap, but more precious minutes pass as he waits for his allies. 

Meanwhile, back at the Boreya camp in the green hills below, Kentas and An'ath finally get access to the meeting room where Vera and the other clan leaders are waiting. They explain their need for help defending Xorrn, and the smuggler captain does a good job of selling the glory of fighting the Empire. They then negotiate for the number of mercenaries Vera will spare for their job, with her haggling them down to a mere eight soldiers - though she claims they are worth three hundred lesser men. 

When it comes time to discuss payment, Kentas presents Vera with the 15,000 from IsoTech, and An'ath promises the aid of Rebel Intelligence in helping Vera locate a particular individual (though she doesn't name who she seeks). They also offer the mercs salvage from the operation, which promises to be extensive - provided the Xorrn defenders survive. 

With their negotiation of the Mandalorian's contract complete, the two Rebel agents now wonder what is keeping their friends during their search for the missing Mandalorians and Talz.

As it turns out, Var'ath, Tyren, and their Talz guide arrive at the camp belonging to the Deehan Tribe, rivals of the Gnaaz. They see that a wounded adult Mandalorian is freezing in a bone cage above a cold stream, and they are quickly surrounded by Deehan warriors armed with stone spears. Brought before the chieftain of the Deehan, they see that the other members of their search party are spoiling for a fight. They manage to talk their allies down from attacking the Deehan Tribe members, preventing a massive combat.

Tyren is surprised, however, when the Mandalorians explain that the Deehan have agreed to free the prisoners (including the missing children) only if the young Force-user meets their best warrior in single combat!