Episode XXXX - The Zygerrian Paradox

A band of Rebel heroes continues their search for allies to aid them in defending the shipyards of Xorrn against an impending Imperial attack.

While the engineers on the planet prepare defenses in Xorrn’s underground factories, the Rebels travelled to the nearby world of Vlemoth Port, where they have negotiated for the assistance of a band of Mandalorian mercenaries from the Beroya Clan.

Time is running out, however, and the desperate Alliance operatives may have to seek further help from the unlikeliest of sources….

Tyren is victorious in his duel against a Talz champion from the Dehaam tribe, thus winning the freedom of the captured Mandalorian and Talz training group. The winds over the mountain die down and the group is able to return to the Boreya Clan camp aboard the Lost Fortune. Their success in the rescue expedition earns them further accolades from the mercenaries and several Talz tribesmen join the small but veteran group of soldiers.

As the Mandalorian force departs on its own shuttle to report to Xorrn, the team turns its attention to Kowak, the home of a Zygerrian slaving operation overseen by Prince Sono Molec. They have heard that there may be a chance to get military aid from Molec, but they have obvious qualms about working with the Zygerrian Slave Empire, given the history of the Dyun family. Shortly after landing on the planet and walking through the city, the Rebels encounter a young Twi'lek girl named Tua'la, a former slave who wants to see her brother freed. 

Taking it upon themselves to assist Tua'la and Bua'de, her brother, the party deal with the brutal slave driver who has him in a cage and then reunite the siblings. The Twi'lek children help advise the agents on the situation on the planet and the best place to arrange for a meeting with Prince Molec. They agree to get them off of Kowak, as well. 

As they continue their walk through the capital city of Sclavos, the party witnesses more signs of the depraved economy that drives trade on Kowak. Noticing a pit fight that is happening in a nearby arena, the group spots a Mandlorian gladiator who handily defeats a much larger alien opponent. Putting two and two together, they deduce that the man is none other than Nam Boreya, the missing-and-presumed-dead patriarch of Clan Boreya, their current allies. 

Agreeing to work on freeing Nam after they make an appointment to see Prince Molec, the Rebels go to the Auction Registrar's Office to try to get an invitation to an upcoming banquet. They encounter a wacky pair of Zygerrian brothers named Jorec and Mard Gemen, and they have to interject themselves into their constant arguing in order to get what they came for.

The Rebel agents notice an incriminating document in the office during their visit, and they come back after hours to break in and snag the paperwork. It appears to be records that implicate the Prince in some embezlling from a spice smuggling operation. They also locate what appears to be a secret passage into the Prince's palace, one which is very similar to another hidden door in the Imperial palace back on Zygerria. 

Deciding to not work with Molec but instead attempt to free Nam Boreya, the Rebels enact a daring rescue operation at a camp near the outskirts of Sclavos. Informing Clan Boreya about the situation, they receive Vera's assistance in planning a raid on the Imperial Palace. The group of Mandalorian warriors lead a dangerous siege on the front entrance to the pyramid while the Rebels sneak in through the secret passage they had discovered earlier. Disabling a remote detonation system that could potentially kill all of the slaves in the Prince's thrall, the heroes link up with the mercenaries and succeed in freeing the captives.