They're On Their Way

"Jentra, what has happened?"

Relieved, Jentra stopped and caught his breath before informing the Quarter Guards of his plight. "The , uh, intruders," he took another moment to breath. Another moment to remember. It had all happened so fast. The Master's Apprentice had seemed to be in control one second, and then the next ... quickly Jentra realized how badly they had under estimated that Human.

Hunthrar rolled his eyes and barked, "Out with it already Jentra! What of them? Banugrir already left with his men to deal with them."

"That's what I'm here, huh, about!" Jentra gasped, "They escaped us!"

The two Dwarven Guards eyed each other in surprise. Mentill questioned Jentra further, "What? Did Banugrir oversee this?"

"He was the first to fall to the man's powers!"

Again, Hunthrar and Mentill eyed each other to compare reactions. Could it be true? This time, Hunthrar inquired, "So, Banugrir is no more?"

Jentra shook his head, "I don't know. He regained consciousness as I did. I was the only able to wiggle free to escape. I stood to defend my honor, but the Dwarf with them is deadly. I was forced to flee."

"Ha," Mentill whispered, "coward."

"Jentra," Hunthrar spoke over Mentill's insult, "a Dwarf warrior was with them. Was he one of ours?"

"No, no! I don't believe he is. I didn't recognize him at least. but even if he was, he'd be dead for rebelling? Right?" Jentra's question brought their shared feelings of enslavement to all their faces. For a moment, they silently stared at each other, when Jentra finally interrupted to renew their loyalty. "We have to go down there and deal with them, before they find their way out of the Tower."

To this realization, Hunthrar breathed heavily as he faced his obligation. Sure, he could make the excuss that it was his soul duty to protect the door to Hareel Var's Quarters. Yet Hareel had made it clear to each of them, upon the ritual of their Bleeding Heart Loyalty, that 'To fail to go beyond your appointed duty for the protection of the Operation was worse than failing to do your basic duties.

"Alright," Hunthrar grabbed Mentill's shoulder, "Go in and summon Fulnor out here to join us. We must do our part to protect the sanctity of the island."

Mentill nodded in agreement, "Yes sir!"


Sadly, those poor enslaved Dwarven souls are no longer with us. But your Characters are, and that's what matters! I seem to be getting a better grip now on organizing my material for these sessions, and look forward to some improvements I'm about to make to my system, namely keeping track of your character's stats and abilities more closely. I've been slacking I've realized in just letting you guys worry about your character details, while I've worried on getting the world details. But now that I've got a better image of what's going on around you guys, I can begin to focus on what's going on inside you guys. That came out a little weird, didn't it.

So one new Idea I've got is making a shared dropbox for this campaign to simplify sharing character sheets and documents. One thing I will post there is the documentation of the new rule errata in the player's guides. I'm also going to go over everyone's sheet's in detail to familiarize myself with them and catch any errors. I know, I should have done this in the first place. What can I say? Experienced player, novice Dungeon Master. I'm going to work on getting a better "charting" system to record game actions by players, specificly during combat, so I can easily remember who hit who when and such for better detailed experience sharing.

Also, little reminder, your characters will hit level 2 at 1,000 exp so hopefully next session everyone's skill checks with get a +1 mod along with all the other leveling goodies.

Next week we'll start the game an hour earlier at 9:00pm EST. Till then Adventurers!!