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FATE Accelerator! 3-Way Field Trip! tHe cIty tHat nEveR sLeEps
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    Collector - Damned bounty hunters that "collect" on demonic pacts.

    Contractor - Somebody who signs a deal with the forces of Hell. They are generally granted supernatural powers to help them aquire their heart's desires.

    Hellspawn (race) - The bizarre creatures that are created (often accidentally) in Hell. Demons often use them as messengers and lackeys. The Red Market is run entirely by Hellspawn.

    Hellspawned - A being or item having been created in Hell or by Demonic forces.

    Red Market - A gargantuan bazaar located on the "edge" of Hell. It is a place for Collectors to purchase hellish equipment or exotic services. The only currency in the Red Market is Hearts.

    Hardened Hearts - A side effect of creating a Faustian contract, Hearts are literally the petrified organs of deceased contractors. The Hearts serve as a sort of super-powered aphrodisiac for Hellspawn, hence the tremendous market for them.

    Essence - The "stuff" of souls. For those who can perceive it, it appears as an ethereal blue glow. 

    The City

    Carthage - Carthage, Massachusetts is a sprawling city on the coast. It is most famous for being the home of Meyers & Meyers, a famous law firm.

    M. Meyers - The Greater Demon behind the Collector's presence in the city. Meyers is not only a powerful Demon, but also a shrewd businessman. He has his claws in every business and organization in the city (and many beyond). 

    Lucas Meyers - A minor celebrity in the city. Lucas is a young, successful lawyer who is set to inherit his Father's company. He is a Nephilim (the offspring of a Demon and mortal).

    O'Reilly's - An Irish pub. A portal to the Red Market lies behind one of its bathroom stalls.