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    I'm just the average gamer dude man. :P Want to know me more, start a conversation, I'm pretty easy to get along with.

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    World of Darkness (N&O&GMC), Scion, Pathfinder, Shadowrun (4th), Burning Wheel, Cosmic Patrol, Traveller 5, Traveller (mongoose), Anima, Diaspora, Legend of the Five Rings (4th), Dresden Files RPG, Doctor Who RPG, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited (2ndR), Palladium Fantasy, Dead Reign, Aberrant, BESM, Oz Dark & Terrible, Exalted (1st&2nd, and soon to be 3rd), Kuro, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

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    Heresy Banished

  • Tue, Aug 13, 2013
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  • The tavern was dimly light. Only one large fire burned on the far wall. The bar spread the length of the room. One bard played a flute while the other sang jigs, the denizens of the Rustic Shield Tavern laughed at the comedic song and enjoyed the local spirits. The...

    Chance Die rolled a success!

  • Sat, Aug 03, 2013
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  • Randomly wore my Gobline Squad (Pathfinder) shirt today while I went on my walk, which landed me meating another player who was actually looking for a group! XD   HUZZUH! Short post, I know, but eh, I'm working on stuff to blog about and deciding if I'm going to do...

    Looking to find that good group

  • Thu, Aug 01, 2013
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  • Group dynamics and chemistry is important for a solid RPG group. Had that down in Oceanside, California, but now I am here, in Renton, WA. Hoping to eventually get a good group of 5 people (plus myself) going. At the moment, I have 3 of that filled. Would be nice...
  • Thu, Aug 01, 2013

    Why hellos thar! I lovers you! Muah!

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