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    Well, the main thing I love to do is Role-Play! Anything that has Role-Playing in it, I'm interested in, and have been for the past 10+ years I've been doing it!


    But my most favorite thing, apart from DMing/playing ruleless... is when, at the end of the session, I actually cried because of how emotional my character felt, and it was channeled through me. THAT'S what kind of games I want to join and run.


    Contact Information

    -You may contact me on here (Infrno!)

    -You may contact me through e-mail (fenrirninja@hotmail.com ; taylor.schultz.66@gmail.com)

    -You may contact me through Skype (Reaperof666 ; Taylor Schultz)

    -You can contact me at my OWN CELL PHONE NUMBER: 602-363-7475

    With only 4 listed ways to contact me GUARENTEED, there should NEVER be an issue of communication. If there is a problem with ANY OF THESE, then either let me know of a way I can contact you, or pretty much none of my games are for you   :)

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    Auctumnus - 5th/6th Sleep's 4th/1st Day

  • 'The Reaper'
  • Thu, Aug 01, 2013
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  • Dropped from crusades. Tired of it. Hopefully last time. Has benefits though. Check for money, still funded. No gear, just Messorem. Need bandages, dirt from desert irritating flesh. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Dry. Thirsty. Hungry. Traveling for day now. Words will lead me to a supposed town. Hope words wern't...

    Auctumnus - 6th Sleep's 2nd Day

  • 'The Reaper'
  • Sun, Jun 23, 2013
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  • Journal writing for second time recently. Trip is long, horses are ridden hard for others with me are rushing to get this over. Greed?   Second day riding beasts. Quiet, peaceful, hot, cold. Elements are prepped for: fine outside. No talking means no information. No names, just looks. Frusteration, anger,...

    Moto-X-tremE: Niagara Falls Week: Part 1

  • Moto-X
  • Wed, Mar 06, 2013
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  • This 'Project Valkyrie' is pretty demanding.. requiring me to give them a report on everything that's been going on. They say for 'security reasons', but that's a load of bull. They are just watching me, seeing if I screw up like did a while back. They don't make everyone do...