Moto-X-tremE: Niagara Falls Week: Part 1

This 'Project Valkyrie' is pretty demanding.. requiring me to give them a report on everything that's been going on. They say for 'security reasons', but that's a load of bull. They are just watching me, seeing if I screw up like did a while back. They don't make everyone do paperwork. And yes, you guys reading this, I don't care that you see this. It's here on purpose.




So, I was just chillin' up and down falls of Niagra Falls when a helicopter comes out of nowhere and begins shouting at me about something, that they need to talk. Suprised, I fell , then managed to get to the top of the falls, where they landed shortly after. A quick chat and I found up the program that I got invited to a while back isn't really a scam. So, got breifed on what exactly what was going on, important enough for me to take a ride for: some amulet was stolen that causes 'mayhem', making people luck or something. Detail were vague


Last Action Hero! Wasn't too terriblely excited to join it initially, so I was just prepping for my jump. But, now that I'm here and need to join, looks like that I need to make an apperance. I was so pumped when I heard of some competition, and even more pumped when I asked for some people to join the S.I. Valkyrie Team and take down 'Big Gun'. Apparently no one wants to face him, and that just wants to make me take him down!


First round for he team was Fox massacring people in Murderball. Megaman paintball hurt the first time I tried it. Went in like an idiot with minimal gear, and broke 2 lefts ribs and a right in addition ot my right forearm. Anyway, He won, his main competition being the Red Winner (or Winter, can't really tell with the sound quality of those commentators talking away). Fox has some moves, expecially with his little gadgets. I wonder how many he keeps on his body? Least nobody died.


My first event... Sled for Your Life. Snowboard down a mountain for around 2 HOURS running from an avalanche, tigers from behind and in front, tiger traps, bouncing betties, yetis (I think they were people in costumes...), and even bears. I dodged death a few times.. the few in front of me detonating the betty wern't so lucky. Heck, everyone passed on except me and Big Gun, who got first. He killed 10 people though! This guy isn't legit... he does anything to win, nothing for the thrills.


Afterword, I congratulated his win, followed by a quick glance around hs neck. A glimer of a necklace confirmed Valkyrie's suspicions of him possibly having the articact, so we kept him under extra surveilance. I caught his next event, Motorbke Jousting, and watched to see if anything that happened seemed to match the description of the ability of the amulet. It seemed like he should have een hit or injured several times.... but he barely got out of it. Consistantly. This guy would be an amatuer if it wern't for his luck. And he did this for almost an hour. Definately the guy we're looking for. 


So, got back to the Valkyrie van that had sponsored all of the equipment we used for the competition, and their own 'gadgets' to inform the leader of this escapade that we found our guy. I breifed him on what I had seen, and just as I finished, their scanners went berserk.. I was told to investigate. Donned my armor, and was there in a few seconds.


Came to the scene of a portapotty tossed to the sde, its contentes everywhere and upon Fox and Big Gun (Ugh, so glad this helmet has a good know, to keep dust and other crap out). Looked like they were dukin' it out, so I sped by Big Gun, tired grnding away leaving a nice road rash across his chest more than likely.


He immediately told me the situation: That he had been drug out here by Fox, and attacked for no reason. He hadn't done anythng but sit in the john, being the ordinary guy he was. Now, I don't know about you, but beng in the same job as him, I felt for him. I don't know about being a normal guy part, with word being he was a mutant and me seing him bench press and toss a bike around like a wrench, but everything else seemed to add up. Fluids were everywhere, big explosion hole in the ice of the frozen lake we were all standing on.. probably from our Fox, and the fact that he would try to diffuse the situation. If I were attacked, I'd be inquiring why myself. So,  stared down Fox, and he just shruged it off, saying that Big Gun had the amulet.


Fox ran at him, doing some cool stunts like i've done in some movies (or rather, had done to me) like punching the guy in the chest and gut several times, then a slap at the ears, then he pulled a necklace off of him. Foxbegan running, probably towards the Last Action Man area (we were around 7 miles out.. how he dragged him that far pretty quickly, I'll never know... maybe he's a meta? Something in that belt of his?) when the amulet just flung out of his hands, burned through the ice (I was in complete confusion at this point, and was like WTF?!). The ice round it melted away like nothing as a big hole emerged, and out came several THINGS. 


Demons... and a lot of them. Valkyrie deals with stuff like this all the time?! I don't know if I can do this. This is stuff you find in BOOKS and it's fake. Not some tough, unstoppable beings that I have to DEAL WITH.


Jasen.. you really did sign up for some intense daredevilry.


...Just another one of the things I get to put on my gravestone...


((Song For the Session!


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    Pssh what can I say? Douchebag had the portojohn coming...

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