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    Hello dear reader!


    I love RPGs, (As I am rather sure most of us on here do). My ecperience with them has been rather limited in terms of how long I have been gaming. Never the less, it is a hobby I know I will endulge in for years to come. 


    Was that general enough for you? You say you didn't get enough of how little I said there? Sarcasm? I don't even know the meaning of the word! 


    But seriously, I don't much like talking, (or in this case...typing), about myself all that much. Truth be told, I lia lot of different stuff, not just RPGs. Though the hobby has become a swift favorite for me since I was introduced to them in my second year of college. 


    As a nerd/geek/ whatever traditionally pajorative term that has at one point been used as a slandering phrase against many of us, only to now be worn as a badge of honor; I like tons of different things from movies (who doesn't???), to video games, to fantasy fiction, and other such methods or modes of awesome. 

    Seriously though, I'm not overly good at talking about myself. I am however, quite friendly, so if you like something I have to say or whatever, I'm sure you will find some way to let me know. Though don't try telepethy...I haven't quite gotten used to th buzzing.