Cain's Diary #1

Well here I am, sitting in the Librarium on this joke of a ship. She was once a good Imperial Navy frigate but not she has been soiled by the grubby hands of my lovely Captian. I swear this crew couldn't be any lower on the scum scale if they were all just green fungus. Marlla comments that the Engineering section while Rapheal does keep it up to spec would make my skin crawl. Likely considering the rest of this ship does, this Librarium is about the only place of order. She also reports some kind of tempermental Warp drive which sounds wonderful given where we are in the galaxy. Next thing I know there will be demons knocking down our doors while we sputter in the Warp. Damnable ship but it's been home for so long that I can't complain. The crew and cleaniness have come a long way at least.

Me and Marlla have grown closer if that was at all possible. She spends a lot of time down in Engineering but given the nature of the crew, she tends to come to me more often. I'm about the only person on the ship I've noticed her talking more then orders. Myself as the second in command I've forced to converse with the crew because someone has to whip them into something respectable. I'm slowly learning that this badge and uniform means little here in the Expanse.

After all these years being called "Imperial Dog" and other derogative terms is still shocking. People laugh in my face when I try to use my authority. This place is full of ruffians and scum. I heard a qoute long time ago about hunting monsters, it was something about making sure you don't become one. By the Emperor I hope my faith binds me enough not to stoop to their level. I miss the core worlds, where I was among more respecting Imperial citizens then where I find myself now. Oh god damn it, sounds like another crewman stubbed his toe on something important. Amatuers all of them.

Commander Cain Bradock

Imperial Navy

Kronous Battlefleet

15th Frigate Group