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    Table top playin, super suit wearing, Infantry marine.

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    After Action #1: The Falcon King

    As flame begins to pepper the horizon to the south prince Valrus is called to his fathers’ throne to speak at length of the recent seeds of rebellion sowed by the gods themselves.(This coversation happens after the sack of Drall's Perch)     “You sent for me father…” Valrus spoke...

    The Iron Reign

    The Account of the Iron Reign the most recent of the histories of  La’carsha       1 IR   The Last free city of Raemia the Bastion the ancientFortressMountain is discovered deep within the Meadowfall by the Dwarve kings.   King Carl Giltterwold makes a deal, that if the Raemians...

    First Dynasty Timeline

    Here is the account and histories of house Stormbow, rightful heirs to the throne of the eternal city, sons and dauters of the Archpaladin.   TFD~ The First Dynasty       12 TFD    Darius the Conqueror begins the campaign to eradicate the orcs in the Terrek Lowlands, this...

    Temple Log 002

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  • Wed, Mar 06, 2013
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  • The most wonderful things have been happening lately, I met other heroes yesterday, heroes that do not posses a power ring, most of them I had never heard of but some were familiar like superman and a Batman knock off, Brother Donovan was born in Gotham, he says the world...