Fall of Blüdhaven Part 1: Atlas

Our heroes are called by the president himself to help save the people of Blüdhaven before it was too late, with a giant piece of the science cells hurdling toward the city, the heroes of the world only have a few hours to get everyone out safely.


After getting Tomar-re to safety Max is instructed by  Kilowog to meet him and many other lanterns on earth with the hopes of saving more people.

Nanotec is told that saving everyone is almost impossible, but Brother Donovan tells him to do what he can.

Corpus seeing the calamity on the TV uses his powers to steal a limo so he can ride in style to Bludhaven.

Emerald does not see the message at first and continues her work in theoretical physics, set plans for a demonstration/ experiment.

The three heroes get to Bludhaven around the same time; they find city hall has been turned into a Task force HQ.

Our heros begin to see how serious this situation is as they notice who has arrived to help.

Superman takes charge and instructs them to get as many people out of the city as they can, and to also keep the peace on the streets.

Corpus uses his powers to calm a group of people down, instructs them to go home, instead of leaving the city.

Nanotec Instructs a bunch of drunken frat boys to leave the city, they plan to but at the edge of a machete and an assortment of guns.

Nanotec takes their leader and put him on the other side of town, warning him that his dad owns a dealership he watches the hero fly away with his weapons.

Max flies to a backed up onramp, with permission from the mayor he breaks the barrier so that the cars can drive on both sides.

Finding corpus, Max flies the telepath to the on ramp, on the way he end up letting Corpus get hit by oncoming traffic.

Apologizing they return to the onramp where Corpus uses his powers and make the people walk or drives down the highway in a orderly manner.

Emerald who had finally seen what was going on had begun her underground journey to the city.

When she arrives she finds looters stealing random things

They plan to mugger so she ends up beating the slop out of each of them

Emerald and the rest of our heroes  make their way toward the explosion

To their surprise they Find Blockbuster and Black Manta stealing  huge amounts of money and art from First Bludhaven and a local art gallery.

Max blows up the submarine, leaves the villains trapped

The rest of our heroes beat the duo into submission

Max and Nanotec pick up on a transmission sent by Brother Donovan, “Bellerophon is in effect.”

A all Lanterns from the various corps along with Superman fly directly at the giant piece of Space debris

There is a great white flash, and after a moment a smaller but still large chuck of the Sciencells hit the city.

The resulting explosion causes whiteout, heroes are knocked conscious.

 created at: 04/07/2012